Hitting the promo trail hard with impressive new album Rebel Heart, Madonna has served up her thoughts on everything and everyone from Kanye West (“He’s the Black Madonna,”) to Grindr (“There are just as many assholes meeting the old-fashioned way as there are meeting in the new hookup culture,”) to Michael Jackson (“I think he felt eternally tortured,”) but the veteran anti-AIDS campaigner has also reflected on the many years she’s spent with the LGBTI community.

Asked what she thought had changed about gay audiences over her thirty year career, her Madgesty told a roundtable of reporters (via NewNowNext): “When I first came up, the whole AIDS epidemic was starting, and the gay community that I experienced from the beginning of my career was mostly – and overwhelmingly – concerned with staying alive.

“And, also, I felt really aware of the preciousness of life and time. The gay community and people who were HIV-positive were treated so badly, and I was very disturbed by things. But I also saw a lot of love and connection in the gay community at that time.

“Like all progress that’s made in all marginalised communities or groups, I think after time goes by and you earn certain rights or you break through certain barriers, you could sometimes maybe take it for granted what you have now that you didn’t have before.

“And then that would lead to a certain lack of community, in a way, caring in a way, that I saw before.”
Music bean counters predict Rebel Heart, on which Madonna collaborated with Avicii and Diplo, among others, will debut at No. 1 on the US and UK charts. Earlier this year, the catastrophic deluge of unfinished tracks that leaked months ahead of the album’s release completely upended her creative process, Madonna said.

“It made me second guess everything, because suddenly I thought, ‘Oh god, everyone’s heard all these demos,’” Madonna said, website Towleroad reported.

“There were some demos that I actually liked the demo version of, and I thought, ‘Well they heard the demo, now they’re going to be expecting other things.’

“A lot of these things were being sold on my supposed fan sites and I kept thinking, well, my fans should be supporting me and protecting me. It’s very confusing, the whole thing confused me. Still does,” she said.

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