Madonna: ‘I’ll Stop When You F**king Kill Me’

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It looks like we can definitely expect a follow-up to Madonna’s 2015 album Rebel Heart. The singer has told Harper’s Bazaar Magazine that to get her to stop working, you’d have to kill her.

“That is one of the arguments I would get into with my ex-husband, who used to say to me, ‘But why do you have to do this again? Why do you have to make another record? …go on tour? …make a movie?’

“And I’m like, ‘Why do I have to explain myself?’ I feel like that’s a very sexist thing to say.

“Does somebody ask Steven Spielberg why he’s still making movies? Hasn’t he had enough success? …made enough money? …made a name for himself?

“Did somebody go to Pablo Picasso and say, ‘Okay, you’re 80 years old. Haven’t you painted enough paintings?’

“No. I’m so tired of that question. I just don’t understand it.

When you fucking kill me

“I’ll stop doing everything that I do when I don’t want to do it anymore… when I run out of ideas… when you fucking kill me. How about that?”

The singer also told the publication that Amy Schumer and Chris Rock need to watch their backs because she was keen to try stand-up comedy.

“I’m liking the idea more and more of just standing up with a microphone and talking. I like talking; I like playing with the audience,” she said.

Madge explained it was that type of performing she experimented with during her cabaret-esque “Tears of A Clown” stage show, which she debuted in Melbourne last year on the local leg of her Rebel Heart Tour.

“I’m obsessed with clowns and what they represent and the idea that clowns are supposed to make you laugh, but inevitably they’re hiding something. That’s how I look at my life,” she told the publication.

“I keep telling Amy Schumer and Dave Chappelle and Chris Rock that I’m going to do stand-up and they’d better watch out. I’m coming. I’m coming right behind them.”

Last month, Madonna accepted a Billboard Women In Music award and opened up about her decades-long career in a wide-ranging speech.

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