Lynne McGranger reacts to Home and Away homophobia claims

lynne mcgranger slams channel seven for homophobia
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Home and Away‘s Lynne McGranger has spoken up about the alleged homophobia at Channel 7. She said she is “horrified” by their conduct. 

Her comment was in response to a Facebook post by Andrew Mercado which blasted the TV network for homophobia according to TV Tonight.

In the post, Mercado slammed Channel 7, accusing it of homophobia back in the 90’s.

“My first job, when I moved to Sydney in the late 90’s, was writing about TV for gay press,” he said.

“Ellen had come out… and Seven had responded by yanking her show off the air.

“I called for a gay boycott of the network…but Seven still wouldn’t budge.”

Lynne McGranger embarrassed by Channel 7

Mercado’s post then prompted Home and Away star, Lynne McGranger to comment on 7’s alleged homophobia calling its lack of inclusion disappointing.

“Absolutely agree, Andrew!” she said in a comment on Mercado’s post.

“It’s my freaking workplace and I am embarrassed and horrified.

“The mentality is so damn draconian!!!!”

The comments are in response to episodes of Home and Away that cut lesbian kissing scenes for Australian audiences.

Mercado said the cuts were homophobic and accused the TV network of unnecessarily coddling audiences.

“How disappointing to just learn [Seven] now film two different versions of Home and Away,” he said.

“Seven don’t think we can’t handle same-sex kisses, despite its PG timeslot.

“THAT is homophobia folks.”

Lesbian kisses discovered on Twitter

Viewers of the program noticed the cuts when clips of the kissing couple presented on New Zealand screens circulated Twitter.

The first scene, from last November, featured couple Alex and Willow talking in a bar. However, the version aired in New Zealand showed the pair sharing a kiss, but the moment was missing from Australian TV.

Instead, audiences in Australia saw Alex (Zoe Ventoura) tell Willow (Sarah Roberts) she will get them a drink, before heading to the bar.

Like Mercado and McGranger, viewers of the show took to social media to express their disappointment in the removal of the scenes.

Channel 7 responded by adding the full episodes on its 7Plus app for Australian viewers to watch, calling the cuts ‘human error’.

It said Australian audiences were also meant to see the version with the kiss but didn’t due to a mix up in the studio.

sarah roberts home and away willex tweet lesbian kiss couple

The network has declined to comment further.

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