Lyle Shelton’s martyrdom – get down, someone needs the wood

Lyle Shelton's martyrdom
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Lyle Shelton’s martyrdom apparently became a heavier cross to bear last month when he received a demand to appear before the Queensland Human Rights Commission. The commission intends to attempt conciliation between Shelton and two drag queens he wrote a blog post about in January.

Yesterday, Shelton wrote on his blog, “I hoped this day would not come. But it has.”

Really, you’d think a man who lost a bid for State Parliament, lost the Marriage Equality debate and then lost his bid to become a Federal Senator, would be accustomed to disappointment by now.

Indeed, Shelton did not just lose his bid for the Australian Senate. He proved in that election how little support he personally enjoys in Queensland. Fraser Anning, Clive Palmer and Malcolm Roberts all received more votes than Shelton.

Ahoy, me scurvy dogs, even the bloody Pirate Party hornswoggled more votes than Lyle Shelton.

We should note that Lyle Shelton’s martyrdom as documented in his post yesterday hinges on a scenario involving one ‘could’ after another.

Shelton states he could:

  • be forced to [turn up] by court order
  • go to jail (if he still refuses)
  • end up in front of the Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal (if he won’t apologise, retract or redact)
  • receive a fine
  • cop a jail sentence and criminal record (if he doesn’t pay the fine)

Fact Check

Lyle Shelton’s blog post contained a number of statements that require… shall we say… clarification.

“Good-Rim is a reference to a homosexual sex act and he is also involved in the sex trade as an ‘adult entertainer’.”

We tire of repeating this over and over ad infinitum, but facts matter.

Diamond Good-Rim won a 2019 Adult Industry Award for her work as a drag performer in licenced premises. Diamond does not work in the ‘sex trade’ and her work as an ‘adult entertainer’ involves neither sex work nor porn.

NB: A minor point. Rimming may appear an exclusively homosexual act to those who only watch gay porn, but aficionados of straight porn note the increasing popularity of rimming among heterosexuals.

Diamond’s use of bawdy innuendo for a joke stage name is nothing new.  Names like Pussy Galore, Holly Goodhead, Biggus Dickus or Fook Yu are legendary. It’s a fooking joke, Joyce.

BTW — once more for the people in the cheap seats — Diamond does not use the surname for all ages shows.

“Incidentally, Good-Rim was a special guest at a Queensland Labor Party function at Parliament House.

“At the least, this showed poor taste by Queensland Labor which should be focussed on getting the State’s economy out of the pre-Covid doldrums it created and which is now worse post-Covid.”

Diamond appeared at a Labor function at Parliament House well before we ever heard of COVID-19. Her appearance is thus totally irrelevant to the Queensland Government’s focus on the post-COVID-19 economy of the state.


Shelton’s friend, the Australian Christian Lobby’s Wendy Francis, organised an event at Queensland Parliament House earlier this year.

Is Parliament House exclusively for the use of people who agree with Shelton?

Here’s a handy hint, Mr Shelton.

If the people of Queensland wanted to give you a say over their governance, they would have voted for you. 

More people attended the Birdsville Races in 2019 than voted for Lyle Shelton and Birdsville is over 1500 kilometres into the desert from the coast.

Drag Queen Storytime Protest

“In January members of the University of Queensland Liberal National Club, whose patron is LNP member for Oodgeroo Dr Mark Robinson, conducted a peaceful protest at a drag queen story time event being held at one of Brisbane City Council’s public libraries.”

Shelton neglects to mention that the LNP disendorsed the club in 2019 and booted some of its members. LNP Deputy Leader Tim Mander said on 12 January, “The club does not represent our views and values.”

A peaceful protest?

The UQLNP stormed into a library scaring toddlers. In various posts on his blog, Shelton complains about Black Lives Matter and Extinction Rebellion protests but defends the UQLNP?

“In the hours immediately after the protest, the group’s leader, Wilson Gavin, himself a gay man, was subject to the most vile avalanche of on-line trolling by homosexuals and prominent leftists.

“Early the next morning he threw himself under a train at the Chelmer station in Brisbane’s inner west.”

The UQLNP and by extension, Wilson Gavin, indeed suffered an avalanche of abuse after the protest, much of it unforgivable, but hardly unusual. Extremists on either side of any online argument seem to think it okay to make any threat or abuse other people in any terms they wish. Commenters from the ‘Christian’ right dish it out just as badly and members of the UQLNP previously made news for some of their online trolling. Both sides, of course, blame the other. Everyone should exercise restraint and treat other people with dignity and respect online.

Update 10.45 PM:

As I wrote this article, thousands of people started piling on a Melbourne woman who filmed herself entering a Victorian Bunnings, refusing to wear a mask as the store required and harassing the staff. She also posted a video of a confrontation with a police officer that apparently ended in her well-deserved arrest. What she did was wrong and she deserves what ever penalty the law allows for her actions but the avalanche, to use Shelton’s word, of abuse and vilification is among the worst I’ve seen. It does the commenters no credit. Much of it is illegal and it is no way to change a person’s mind. It is fine to disagree. It is never fine to threaten people or suggest they kill themselves.

Wilson Gavin’s death

As for Shelton’s comments on Gavin’s death, we can only quote the words of his family after his death.

“To the LGBTIQA+ communities and Rainbow Families Queensland – we love and support you…

“To young, politically motivated people of all persuasions – we implore you to seek kind and wise mentors who will guide you, and not use you or wash their hands of you when you no longer serve their purposes.”

Lyle Shelton’s martyrdom

Ever the martyr, Shelton finishes his post with a defiant declaration of resolve.

“Even though I face this new pressure to be silent, I will not be apologising. I will not be taking my blog down. I will not amend it.”

Oh, Jeez…

“I won’t say sorry…”

He’s really not Joan of Arc, is he?

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