Lyle Shelton shares A Very Naughty Christmas

a very naughty christmas lyle shelton brisbane powerhouse
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Lyle Shelton boosted interest in A Very Naughty Christmas at Brisbane Powerhouse when he shared a video promoting the production. Shelton, former leader of both the Australian Christian Lobby and the NO campaign against marriage equality, expressed his disappointment that “ratepayers are subsidising this on the watch of a conservative council administration.”

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There’s much less chance ratepayers will subsidise the production now.

Over 200 people commented both for and against A Very Naughty Christmas on Shelton’s page, while 31 shared the A Very Naughty Christmas post on the subject.

Anyone wanting a ticket should book soon before the ‘House Full’ sign goes up.

After his failed attempt to win a Senate seat for the Australian Conservatives in the last election perhaps Shelton should consider a career as a Social Media Influencer.

Lyle Shelton’s 0.19%

After leading the losing NO campaign against marriage equality, Shelton turned to politics.

He stood as a Queensland Senate candidate for Cory Bernardi’s Australian Conservatives at the 2019 federal election.

He garnered 0.19% of the vote.

Despite his high media profile, Queenslanders gifted more votes to the Pirate Party and the anti-vaxer Involuntary Medication Objectors (Vaccination/Fluoride) Party than to Lyle Shelton.

There’s a good chance more Queenslanders believe in Santa Claus than voted for Lyle Shelton.

New Political Ambition

Despite his lack of success at the last election, Lyle Shelton is not deterred from a political career.

He recently began working in the electorate office of Oodgeroo LNP MP Dr Mark Robinson.

He also posted on Facebook his intention of joining the LNP.

“I am seeking to rejoin the LNP as I think sitting on the sidelines of partisan politics is no longer a responsible option for citizens who care about the direction of our state and nation.

“My commitment to influencing politics has not changed since the election and the closure of Australian Conservatives.”

a very naughty christmas lyle shelton brisbane powerhouse
Lyle Shelton. Image: Facebook

Meanwhile, the team behind A Very Naughty Christmas seized on the promotional opportunity offered by Shelton’s sharing of their video.

Images on their Facebook page proudly display quotes from commenters on his share.

“Disgusting, Perverse, Unethical.”

“You got your perverted Mardi Gras Parade. Isn’t that enough.”

“Satan is desperate.”

“I wouldn’t go see this rubbish for free.”

What fabulous endorsements! thinks if it’s good enough for Lyle Shelton to give a show at Brisbane Powerhouse a free plug, it’s good enough for us.

Get your tickets here.

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