Lyle Shelton Isn’t Happy About The AFL Pride Game’s Trans-Inclusive Bathrooms

Lyle Shelton not happy transgender

Lyle Shelton has slammed the AFL

Australian Conservatives candidate Lyle Shelton has slammed the AFL’s designation of unisex bathrooms at the Pride Game last weekend.

At the inclusive match on Saturday night, male and female bathroom doors had signs reading “Gender diversity is welcome here: Please use the restroom that best fits your gender identity or expression”, and five bathroom blocks were designated as unisex for the match.

Shelton (pictured) proclaimed the move to be one of the “consequences” he warned about during last year’s same-sex marriage postal survey.

“We said the LGBTIQ gender agenda would continue marching through society,” he said in a video posted to Facebook.

“‘Go to the toilet that best suits your gender identity or expression’ — what the heck does that mean?

“This means that if a bloke decides he wants to be a woman and identify as a woman, he can make that decision without a sex change operation, no surgery, no hormones, no puberty blockers, or anything like that, he can just decide in his mind that he wants to be a woman – and then walk into the women’s toilets.

“You don’t even have to wear a dress, this is just how ridiculous this is.”

Shelton said he wasn’t suggesting the people with gender dysphoria posed any risk, but that other “predators” posing as women could commit “acts of indecency and voyeurism.”

Twitter comments:

Pride Cup founder Jason Ball told News Corp earlier in the week that those who were critical were unaffected by the presence of unisex bathrooms.

“Anyone who is criticising it is still able to use the toilet they want to use,” he said.

“Trans women are women and trans men are men and they’re entitled to use women’s and men’s toilets too.

“No-one is going inside a cubicle with anyone else so a lot of fears are based on some pretty damaging and negative stereotypes about trans people.”

He said it was “pretty special” for the venue to be able to support gender diversity in that way.

“It is a pretty simple thing that most people take for granted — to be able to use the bathroom — but it is important for the gender diverse, trans or non-binary community to have an option where they feel safe,” he said.

The AFL staged the now-annual Pride Game at Etihad Stadium in Melbourne on Saturday, during the round 12 match between St Kilda and the Sydney Swans.

The theme of this year’s Pride Game was “I’ll Stand By You,” recognising the importance of family and support networks among the LGBTIQ community.

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