A heartbreaking lesbian storyline was cut from Love Actually

lesbian scene love actually

Just in time for Christmas, a sapphic Love Actually storyline has resurfaced online. 

The deleted scene was originally featured in bonus footage on the DVD release of the 2003 film.

In the commentary on the DVD, filmmaker Richard Curtis explains that the scene involves the headmistress of Karen’s (Emma Thompson) children’s school, played by Anne Reid, coming home to her terminally ill partner, Geraldine (Frances de La Tour).

Curtis explained: “I was also really sorry to lose this next bit. But obviously when we lost the bit with [Emma Thompson] and her son, we couldn’t do this. The idea was meant to be that he just casually met this very sort of stern headmistress, and you’d just think, ‘Well, there’s a stern headmistress.’

“And the idea was that 15 minutes later, we suddenly fell in with the headmistress. You realise that no matter how unlikely, it seems that any character that you come across in life has their own complicated tale of love.”

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The heartbreaking deleted storyline ends with Karen passing on her condolences to the headmistresses for the loss of her partner.

In an interview with The Independent from September 2022, De La Tour recalled her deleted scene.

“We had a lovely scene,” she told the publication. “And I think it was the only gay scene. It’s odd that they cut it. Maybe it was too dark to bring into it. Because it ended up being quite a light and fluffy film, didn’t it?”

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