Look Great This Summer With The Help Of Australian Skin Clinics

With winter ending, summer breathing down our necks and Sydney Mardi Gras fast approaching, thoughts turn to sprucing up appearances. It’s getting too hot to hide behind winter clothing.

Other work colleagues sang the praises of Australian Skin Clinics, so Qnews Magazine‘s digital editor Jordan and I went in to check out what is on offer.

One of the highest demands on their services this Spring is Laser Hair Removal.

Folks want that shirt-off confidence for the summer of celebration ahead or are simply over the time and expense of razors and wax pots.

Australian Skin Clinic’s fully trained laser technicians treat every skin tone from dark to fair using medical-grade Candela lasers.

And they safely reduce unwanted hair from any area of the face or body.

Over the years I’ve inquired at a few clinics about nasal hair removal (for a friend, you’ll understand) but in the past that service was not available.

Now however, the modern lasers at Australian Skin Clinics safely remove the visible hair around the edge of the nostril.

Nasal Hair Removal is $13 a session when you pre-pay six or twelve treatments. Compare that to the price of a four pack of five-bladed, lubricated, vibrating, pivot-headed razor blades. It costs a small fortune to achieve shaving rash these days!

Laser Hair removal at Australian Skin Clinics is safe and effective, cheaper than waxing, and will achieve silky-smooth skin.

Like any hair removal system, the laser can only treat hair during the ‘growth’ phase, so a course of treatments is necessary.

However, from the very first treatment you will notice the hair grows slower and is noticeably finer.

At Australian Skin Clinics, permanent hair reduction is not only fast and effective but affordable.

Getting rid of stubborn fat

Planning for Sydney Mardi Gras most of us want to show off a little flesh but sometimes diet and exercise alone will not remove those last few stubborn pockets of fat.

There’s plenty of time now to attack those spots with Cryodefine Fat Freezing.

Non-invasive Fat Freezing is a safe and quicker alternative to liposuction. It requires no anesthesia, surgery or downtime.

Controlled cooling targets and destroys 20 – 25% of fat cells during each treatment and the broken-down cells are eliminated by the body’s natural processes over the following six to twelve weeks.

Now is the ideal time to start attacking those stubborn pockets of fat in time to be trim, taut and terrific at Sydney Mardi Gras.

Effective non-surgical treatments

I’ve been a big fan of non-surgical treatments since I first had lip injections 25 years ago.

I’d been over-drawing my lips for years so when fillers came along I embraced them in a flash.

I took advantage of the visit to Australian Skin Clinics to have a free no-obligation consultation on what treatments would be suitable for me.

Laser hair removal, cosmetic injectables, fat reduction and great skin care are all available at an Australian Skin Clinic near you.

They offer the latest and most advanced aesthetic treatments and products available today. Contact them for a free consultation today.

For more information or to book your free consultation at Australian Skin Clinics, check out their website or give them a call at 1300 303 014.

Destiny Rogers

Destiny Rogers embarked on her career in the media industry immediately after high school, initially joining Mirror News, which later evolved into News Ltd. She fondly recalls editing Ian Byford's 'Passing Glances: A History of Gay Cairns' as one of her most fulfilling projects. Additionally, Destiny co-researched and co-wrote 'The Queen's Ball', chronicling the history of the world's longest-running continuous queer event. Her investigative work on the history of Australia's COON Cheese and Edward Coon culminated in the publication 'COON: More Holes than Swiss Cheese', a collaborative effort with Dr. Stephen Hagan. Destiny's journey at QNews began as a feature writer, and she was subsequently elevated to the role of Managing Editor of QNews Magazine in 2018. However, in July 2022, she decided to resign from this role to refocus on research and feature writing. For contact, please reach out at destinyr@qnews.com.au.

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