Log Cabin Republicans endorse Sarah Palin 😮

Log Cabin Republicans

America’s Log Cabin Republicans, ‘dedicated to representing LGBT conservatives and allies’ earlier this week endorsed Sarah Palin in the election for an Alaskan congressional seat. The former Alaskan Governor and sloganeering vice-presidential candidate opposes same-sex marriage and even civil unions.

But the Log Cabin Republicans’ endorsement comes as no surprise.

Wiping the Republican arse

The Republican Party continually shits on the LGBTIQA+ communities — including the Log Cabin Republicans. Indeed, in June, the Texas GOP banned the group from hosting a booth at its annual convention. It also added a condemnation of homosexuality as an ‘abnormal lifestyle’ to the party platform.

But the Log Cabin Republicans will still line up to wipe Republican arse and claim our greatest haters actually love us… they really, really love us.

And the Log Cabin Republicans continually spout the same far-right talking points as the rest of the Trumpublican deplorables. Did I say Marjorie Taylor Greene?

In 2020, the organisation celebrated the election of Boris Johnson in the UK. (Remember him?)

That same year, they endorsed Madison Cawthorn to represent North Carolina in the US Congress. Ah yes. Dear Madison. That didn’t last long. Allegations of insider trading, improper payments, unlicensed driving, a leaked nude video, boarding a flight with a loaded handgun and boasting that fellow congressmen invited him to cocaine-fueled orgies. Madison proved too much for even the all-forgiving Trumpublicans. He lost his bid for reelection in the 2022 Republican primary.

The Log Cabin Republicans are also massive Trump fanboys. They held their annual gala at his Mar-a-Lago estate in 2021 and recently announced a return in 2022.

That announcement came in a denunciation of the FBI raid on Mar-a-Lago which the Log Cabin Republicans compared to Stonewall.

“Just as the patrons of Stonewall were not intimidated by police, we will not be intimidated by the weaponization of the FBI and [Department of Justice] against President Trump or his home.”

Gee whilikers! Holy Richard Nixon! What are they on?

Sarah Palin

This week the fringe LGBT organisation not only endorsed Sarah Palin. They did so proudly. Oh well. They were ‘thrilled’ to endorse Madison Cawthorn in 2020. And that turned out to be a very cheap thrill.

Log Cabin is PROUD to endorse
for Congress!

Palin is a trailblazer who paved the way for the America First movement. Her commitment and dedication to Alaska is unparalleled and admirable.

Palin will protect individual liberties for all Americans!

log cabin republicans sarah palin

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  1. Peter Turner
    3 October 2022

    Exactly what has the Republican Party ever done for LGBTQI Americans?
    Absolutely Fucking Nothing!

    Queer and Republican should be an oxymoron.

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