Listen: Ryan Amador releases new song ‘Used to U’

Ryan Amador Used to U

Queer singer/songwriter Ryan Amador has released his latest single, Used To U

‘Used to U’ is another poignant and personal track from the singer.

The single is available internationally from today.

Ryan Amador

Ryan Amador has a particular talent for telling relatable and personal stories through his music.

Whether through highly emotive tracks or those that observe the most pedestrian or mundane parts of life, Ryan always strikes a chord.

Ryan is well known for his powerful tracks like Define Me, Instead and Loverboy.

So far Instead has racked up over 8 million streams alone, with is an amazing achievement for an independent artist.

His recent collaboration with Alixa Garcia, False Alarm was a powerful plea for planet earth.

While his work with young LGBTQIA+ people to create Not What You Pictured was another powerful project.

Used to U is his latest track and it’s another beautiful insight into life and relationships.

While his November release of No Looking Back looked at moving on from a relationship Used to U takes a closer look at holding on to what we have.

The song examines how relationships can become stagnant and trapped in the everyday routine of our lives.

For anyone that’s ever been in a long term relationship, it’s 110% relatable.

Used to U

Used to U manages to strike a unique balance of light and shade on a topic that’s not entirely pleasant for everyone.

The song highlights how easy it can be to slip into the complacency of a relationship that can allow us to lose our spark with each other.

“I was once the rose displayed in your house.

I was once the sweetest lingering inside your mouth.

When do we get sour and has our time run out?

Cause now we’re two ships in the same room, sailing in the sea of doubt.

The lyrics are both a sweet and nostalgic reminder for any relationship.

But the music itself manages to remain upbeat and catchy and not as likely to make you cry as you might think.

“Oh couch life, watching TV, falling asleep in my clothes.

I don’t wanna get boring and bitter.”

Perhaps written as a warning sign to his past self or for anyone feeling trapped in that endless cycle of life post-pandemic.

Used to U is a good reminder to cherish the time with the ones we love and to keep our time with them fresh and fulfilling.

Used to U is available on all streaming platforms, take a listen below.

Written & Performed by Ryan Amador
Produced, Arranged, & Instrumentals by @brettcastro.wav
Mastered by @deyoungmasters

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