LISTEN: John Williamson Backs Marriage Equality In New Song

Australian country music singer John Williamson has added his voice to the “yes” vote for same sex marriage with his new single “Love is the Word”.

The singer was inspired to write the song for his grandchildren both in response to the fight for marriage equality and the rise of “hate and extreme nationalism”.

“The issue about love, about equality isn’t going to go away if there is a ‘no’ vote. These people will then continue to feel unequal, as lesser people, and they are not,” he told News Corp.

“I don’t want them having to go through what Magda Szubanski has and everyone else.

“This is about equality, being treated like anybody else and that issue is not ever going to go away. [Kids should] grow up knowing their parents have made a commitment to each other.

“[Marriage] is a tradition of commitment rather than being attached to a religion and surely commitment is a good thing. I can’t believe how the churches are trying to claim marriage as their word.”

Williamson, who wrote patriotic 1981 classic “True Blue”, has long explored social issues in his songs.

He’s tackled environmental issues with “Rip, Rip, Woodchip” and “Pigs on the River” and Indigenous rights with “Raining on the Rock”.

Listen to “Love Is The Word” below:

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