Listen: F*ckboi by The Voice Star Penelope will shake up your new year

Penelope The Voice 2021 Bisexual Fuckboi

In 2021 The Voice uncovered a slew of new talent, including openly bisexual singer Penelope. 

Returning to the program after failing to make it through in 2020 Penelope made a big splash. 

Despite not making it to the finals in 2021 Penelope is still making waves with her own independent music.

Fuckboi is her latest single.

The Voice star continues to shine

Last year Penelope sat down with Qnews to talk about her time on The Voice and the music she has released before and after the show.

What is incredibly important to Penelope is her visibility as a bisexual woman, both on-screen and in her music.

Prior to the release of Fuckboi, The Voice singer has released a string of singles that are open and raw representations of herself and her sexuality.

Straight Until I’m Wet was her second single, a tongue in cheek bisexual dance floor anthem.

“I wrote that at a songwriting camp with two other artists, one of whom is also bisexual” she laughs retelling the story.  “I released it in time for Mardi Gras and it came out while we were filming [The Voice].”

While the song is cheeky and fun, it’s also personal for Penelope.

“That song is just about me coming into my sexuality. The story of bisexuals is that you’re told to pick and you’re invalidated a little bit.”

Fuckboi: An unashamed and honest dance track

This latest single from Penelope is another honest release for the singer.

Not afraid to talk about sex, sexuality and her personal life Fuckboi has attitude in spades.

Like many of her previous releases, it’s a perfect nightclub anthem.

Loud, brass and proud Fuckboi doesn’t hold back.

The song tells the story of falling in love with her “fuck boy” and the journey of a very casual relationship turning into something more serious.

It’s another honest personal story from Penelope and one to watch out for.

Fuckboi joins her previous singles Electricity, Hollywood and Straight Until I’m Wet.

You can find all of Penelope’s music online at Spotify and Apple Music.

Listen to Fuckboi below.

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