Lil Nas X addresses claim that he’s ‘not gay’

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Four years after coming out, Lil Nas X is still being scrutinized for his sexuality.

After four years of singing about sexual liberty, making out with semi-nude men in music videos, and coming out as a power bottom, you would think Lil Nas X’s sexuality was no longer up for debate, right?

Well, think again.

‘Not really gay’

In a bizarre, now viral tweet, a fan speculated that Lil Nas X was performing his queerness.

“I feel like he’s not really gay,” the tweet in question reads, “or not really that feminine it’s so forced”.

The Industry Baby rapper simply replied saying “oh no guys it’s the estrogen expert”.

Fans quickly came to the rapper’s defense, saying: “Like??? some gay men can be both masculine and feminine.”

“It feels like they are telling you to pick a lane. As a guy who is masculine and fem, i can tell you sometimes gender expression can be a spectrum.”

The rapper went on to drag the joke out in a tweet several hours later, in response to singer Saweetie saying she had a crush on the rapper.

“goodbye lgbt community, we had a great run.” Nas tweeted.

‘A lil bisexual’

However, the scrutiny isn’t entirely out of the blue.

The rapper has a history of flirting with the idea of swinging both ways.

As rececntly as January, Lil Nas X came out as ‘a lil bisexual’.

So then, what does this all mean? Does Lil Nas X have to hand over his ‘gay icon’ card? No.

It means that sexuality is a fluid spectrum, one in which everyone should be able to explore freely without having their mannerisms scrutinized.

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  1. Michael
    23 March 2023

    Just What did Geoff, various other Wiggles do to you Lil Nas X?! A rather Huge ✅ for the Never Meet Your Idols perspective! It could very well be?!

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