‘Like an accordion’: Tattoo artist reveals how peen tattoos are done

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An Irish tattoo artist has shared the process behind penis and bootyhole tattoos in eye-opening social media Q&A’s with ink-curious followers.

Dublin tattoo artist Jamie Lo has over 1.2 million followers on TikTok. He uses the social media platform to answer questions and demystify the tattooing process.

And in two recent, carefully-worded TikToks, Jamie explained just how those mythical penis and hole tattoos are actually done in the studio.

Warning: way too much information ahead

“When a tattoo artist puts a tattoo on your body, we normally ask you to stand or stretch or whatever,” he begins.

“We want the skin to be in its most stretched position, so same thing with a penis. Obviously, when it’s excited the skin is stretched. So you do have to put the stencil on while it’s standing up and having a good time.”

Jamie explains it is helpful if someone can keep erect the entire time they’re getting tattooed. But he admits that’s very rare to see.

“If it does fall down, we just stretch the skin all the way out like an accordion,” he said.

In the next TikTok, Jamie Lo answered a follower’s question about “the practicalities of tattooing around a bootyhole”, which the tattoo artist said was much more involved than the penis.

Lo says the customer has to stay on all fours on their hands and knees the entire time.

“Firstly, there’s some preparation I’d recommend doing before getting that area tattooed,” he said.

“I would steer away from any food that’d cause explosive diarrhoea or make you gassy or anything like that. Because to be fair, I don’t want that all over my face.”

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‘Spread the cheeks apart and put the stencil on’

He said obviously, the tattoo artist will sanitise the area but urged clients to come in clean.

“Before you come in, I recommend you empty your bowels and clean the area up,” he said.

“Yourself or the tattoo artist will spread your cheeks apart and put the stencil on.

“I wouldn’t go on the rims because I know that with wiping stuff, I don’t know how the healing process would go.”

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Tattoo artist ‘always asked if customers get really excited’

Jamie Lo explained the question he’s always asked is if “clients get really excited and splooge” during a session.

“Yes, it can happen. Personally it’s only ever happened to me once and I hope that’s the last time it happens,” he explained.

“Apparently the vibrations and motions of the machine can be stimulating, which in my case, caused my client to climax.

“I don’t think it’s as common for people with penises but apparently for people with pussycats apparently it’s quite common.

“Obviously as a tattoo artist, we do get things that happen that we just have to deal with.”

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