Life Is Improving For Transgender Kids But There’s Still A Long Way To Go

By Gina Mather

Education Queensland has been at the forefront regarding transgender students within the school system. Education Queensland for the past five to six years have accepted the needs of students born with Gender Dysphoria and with one or two minor hiccups along the way, students have now participated in all areas of learning and sports without harassment.


A school, in Western Australia, earlier this year notified parents, via the principal, that they had a transgender student in year 3 and as such would now be recognised as a girl.

Previously the parents were afraid to let their child identify as a girl because of being the target of discrimination. They withdrew her from a previous school where she was bullied.

In the new school the girl participated in a cross-country run in which she ran fifth. This was criticized by State Liberal MP Peter Abetz saying it was unfair the child commented as a girl.

The mother noted that the girl was deeply hurt by criticism of her participation in the race but mentioned that the wider school community were supportive. One of the biggest challenges a family has raising a transgender child is the acceptance of the community the mother said.

She had one man tell her to just take the child out to the bush and shoot her because there was no hope for her. Does this man, (with apologies to real men), believes that every child born with a medical condition, such as, cystic fibrosis, downs syndrome etc., should equally be taken out to the bush and dealt with according to his perverse beliefs?

Do religiously motivated parents who brainwash their children into discriminatory beliefs make better parents than those that allow their children to evaluate their own life’s and make up their own opinions and ideals as they grow up?