‘Life-changing’: Longtime LGBTIQ advocate wins $1 million

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A longtime gay activist and charity worker has won a “life-changing” million dollars on Channel Nine’s Millionaire Hot Seat.

Antony McManus appeared on the show last week, and after a series of increasingly difficult questions, made it all the way to final challenge.

The question was:

Which of these classic literary works was published first?
A: The Count of Monte Cristo
B: A Tale of Two Cities
C: War and Peace
D: Les Misérables

Antony correctly answered The Count of Monte Cristo by Alexandre Dumas, published in 1844.

As the crowd burst into applause, Antony immediately teared up, clapping his hand over his mouth.

Reacting to the win, he said, “I can’t believe that… We still rent. I can buy a house now.

“I can just breathe a sigh of relief, knowing we’ll be okay now.”

The man married his partner, Ron Van Houwelingen, in 2018, as soon as same-sex couples could. The pair met 30 years prior, while both studying.

On Millionaire Hot Seat, Eddie McGuire brought up McManus’ years of advocacy work “fighting the good fight” for equality.

“You’ve got no idea,” he replied.

“You’ve got absolutely no idea. Maybe it’s a little reward for the s__t we had to put up with, what we had to go through.

“I don’t know. I don’t know what to think. It’s absolutely life-changing.”

Gay couple ‘both cried a lot’ after Millionaire Hot Seat win

Antony’s partner sadly couldn’t be with him in the Channel Nine studio when the episode filmed six months ago.

He explained to TV Tonight how he shared his big news with Ron when he got home.

Antony showed him his $1000 Fastest Finger First cheque first.

“He said, ‘Good on you hon, at least you got that!’” McManus recalls.

“Then I said, ‘I just kept answering questions and they gave me this cheque.’ I handed him the million dollar cheque and he looked at it, and said, ‘Bullshit.’

“‘No, really! I’ve really won a million dollars!’ I swear, it took five minutes for me to convince him.

“I think there were tears. I’m pretty sure we both cried a lot.”

Couple have married 19 times as equality campaigners

Antony McManus has worked tirelessly for LGBTIQ charities for years, and explained after the win he hopes to spend more time doing so.

Over the years, he and Ron have also “married” 19 times in support of Australia’s years-long marriage equality campaign.

“We had our original commitment ceremony on our sixth anniversary in 1993. We thought that would be as married as we would ever be,” he told TV Tonight.

“Once we got involved with Equal Love, they had ‘illegal weddings’ at their protest rallies.

“Then we got invited to go on the Adam Hills Tonight on the ABC when they had a mass wedding.

“Then we were married on Joy FM, and another time at Sydney University. By the time we actually got properly married, it was our 18th ceremony and in my vows, I said, ‘This is the final one. No more.’

“Then three weeks later, we got a phone call from an ad agency asking us to be a TV commercial. That was number 19!”

Watch the amazing moment Antony McAdams won $1 million below:

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  1. Paul Mitchell
    30 November 2021

    The media goes crazy for an individual winning $1M – but to buy a house within Sydney, Melbourne or Brisbane you need at least $3M! #Logic101

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