Lib’s Katherine Deves apologises for transgender slurs

playing the nazi card captain's pick Katherine Deves save women's sport
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Liberal candidate for Warringah, Katherine Deves, has apologised for describing trans kids as ‘surgically mutilated and sterilised’. Scott Morrison,s captain’s pick for the upcoming election also deleted her Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

Katherine Deves previously co-founded Save Women’s Sport Australasia and appears pretty much a single-issue candidate. But perhaps the Libs have realised that issue isn’t quite as popular as they first assumed.

In a previous social media post, Katherine Deves described herself as ‘triggered’ by the Rainbow Pride Flag.

She told that she’d used unacceptable language in some of her social media posts.

“My advocacy for the rights and safety of women and girls is well known, and I stand by my desire to ensure we protect the safety of women and girls and our entire community.

“However, the language I used was not acceptable, and for that I apologise.

“My commitment is to continue listening to the views of people in Warringah, and the broader community – I will do this in a respectful way.”

Scott Morrison

Prime Minister Scott Morrison previously praised Ms Deves as ‘right on the money and said she is standing up for ‘common sense’.

However, he appeared to back away when questioned today about her descriptions of transgender kids and her being triggered by the Rainbow Flag.

“She has apologised and withdrawn,” he said.

A reporter then asked about the timing of the apology. It came only after reporters asked about her social media comments.

Morrison replied, “I was referring to the bill that is being brought forward by senator Chandler. It is a private members bill. The government does not have any plans for that to be a government bill. It is a private members bill, and I have told you very clearly my views on that bill, I have been upfront.”

So, have the Libs given up on beating up a transgender scare this election season?

Time will tell.

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1 Comment

  1. Peter Turner
    15 April 2022

    Yet another back flip for Morriscum, the worst PM in history. And again he finds himself completely out of touch with the views of the Australian community.

    The fact is that this poor excuse for a human being made these comments when she felt free to express her ACTUAL beliefs. Now as a LNP candidate polling has shown them that her beliefs are not vote winners so now she is furiously back-pedalling.

    These views are her REAL views, don’t be fooled into thinking those views have altered. The woman is a dinosaur and after the election let’s hope she goes the way of the other dinosaurs.

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