Libs’ civil war over Warringah candidate Katherine Deves

warringah candidate katherine deves
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As Scott Morrison and Anthony Albanese declared a Good Friday detente, the fractious NSW Libs descended into civil war. The cause: opposing views over Warringah candidate Katherine Deves. She’s loved by the conservatives and loathed by the moderates.

Will Morrison try and ride out the storm or ‘cancel’ his captain’s pick and risk accusations of ‘going woke’?

Tony Abbott, the ghost of Easter past, ignited the warfare by coming to the aid of the embattled Warringah candidate.

What’s that saying about old men fighting forgotten wars? Abbott of course has a dog in this fight. Zali Steggall, the current member for Warringah defeated him at the 2019 election. So, Abbott obviously supports Katherine Deves as someone who might possibly extract some measure of revenge.

“She’s a tough, brave person who’s standing up for the rights of women and girls, for fairness in sport.

“I very much admire her and can’t understand the pile on from people who claim to be supporters of women’s rights.”

A few hours later, NSW Liberal Treasurer Matt Kean launched a counter-attack.

“There is no place in a mainstream political party for bigotry.

“Coming out as transgender would be hugely challenging, especially for kids, and political leaders should be condemning the persecution of people based on their gender, not participating in it.”

Prime Minister must dump Deves

Matt Kean later told that the Prime Minister must dump Deves as a candidate.

“This is not an intolerant society.

“These kinds of horrendous views are not okay, and I’m sure the voters of Warringah agree. Time for the Liberal Party to beat them to it and disendorse her.”

Warringah candidate Katherine Deves

Liberal sources told News that Scott Morrison undoubtedly knew Deves’ views and comments before her endorsement. The Warringah candidate underwent scrutiny by the strict Nomination Review Committee. The committee performs ‘in-depth due-diligence’ to ensure candidates do not bring the party into disrepute. That includes public or social media comments not consistent with the party’s views or standards.

Catastrophic choice

Sources said the Libs now consider Deves ‘a catastrophic choice in a pro-marriage equality seat’.

The furore around Katherine Deves died down but then re-ignited when comments surfaced in which she compared trans activists to Nazi trains transporting Jews to concentration camps.

She said on a podcast in February 2021 that she felt her anti-trans campaign compared to the WWII French resistance.

“I’ve always loved 20th-century history. I think many people say, ‘I’d never be one of the villagers that stayed quiet when the trains went past.’

“I would have been part of the French resistance.”

NSW Jewish Board of Deputies CEO Darren Bark and Executive Council of Australian Jewry co-CEO Peter Wertheim condemned the remarks.

“There is nothing in contemporary Australian life and politics that is remotely comparable to the wholesale destruction of human life and civilisation that occurred during World War II.

“This sort of hyperbole trivialises the depths of inhumanity that were plumbed during that terrible conflict, and desensitises people to evil, instead of educating them to recognise and counteract it.

“There should always be extra caution taken when making historical analogies, especially by those who aspire to hold public office or leadership positions in our community.”

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    24 April 2022

    Once you get a taste for Respect, it beats Prejudice hands down for establishing Safety. Wendell…”…make Love infectious”

  2. Julian
    29 April 2022

    The truth about religion is that it date’s back to king Nebuchadnezzar 2 WHO SACKED ZION. The book of Daniel. Basically the Roman empire crucifying thousands of Jewish people but we only get one story about sky god’s impregnated Jos wife who already add children. It’s clear there must have been a group of gay’s in the bushes and the Roman empire police arrested them, same thing happening in IRAN all the time. In my opinion and believe.

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