Liberal Senator caught out after attack on Josh Thomas comedy

Liberal Senator Alex Antic and Josh Thomas
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Liberal Senator Alex Antic has launched an embarrassing new attack on the ABC, this time complaining about Josh Thomas’ comedy series Everything’s Gonna Be Okay.

In November, the Senator caused outrage for his vile homophobic slur against Courtney Act’s Play School Story Time segment, falsely calling the segment “child grooming”.

In Senate Estimates on Tuesday, the conservative South Australian Senator again took aim at the ABC for screening Josh Thomas’ US comedy.

Everything’s Gonna Be Okay has Josh playing gay man Nicholas. After a parent dies, he takes over as guardian to two teenage half-sisters, Genevieve and Matilda.

But Senator Alex Antic isn’t a fan. In questions to ABC boss David Anderson, he blasted the series as “sexually explicit” and “sexualised content”.

“It aired on ABC Kids recently. On the ABC’s website, the program’s genre is listed as LGBTQIA+, and it contains sexual themes,” he claimed.

“In fact, one example of the episode descriptions reads, ‘Matilda and Genevieve find themselves confronting sexuality in school in very different ways.’

“Why is it that the ABC thinks sexualised content and adult themes are appropriate for the ABC Kids platform?”

But according to TV Tonight, the comedy series didn’t screen on ABC Kids at all.

The broadcaster splits a single channel between ABC Kids during the day and ABC TV Plus – programs for older audiences – at night.

In January, Everything’s Gonna Be Okay screened on ABC TV Plus in an 11pm slot, TV Tonight reported.

The show is rated M15+, recommended for ages 15 years and over because of adult themes and sexual references.

‘We tackle all of the issues in our community’

Replying to Liberal Senator Alex Antic, ABC boss David Anderson said he wasn’t familiar with the show.

“Senator, I know that certainly for all of our programs we tackle issues in our community. That includes the LGBTQIA+ community,” he said.

“I don’t know the program that you’re talking about. So I can’t give comment on whether any of that information is sexualised or not.”

The ABC boss added, “We’ve done stories where we’re talking about same sex parents, yes… to reflect some of the issues that exist within the community.

“But I’d say no to sexually explicit content [on ABC Kids].”

Everything’s Gonna Be Okay ran for two seasons. You can stream the entire show in Australia on Stan.

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  1. Peter Turner
    17 February 2023

    Obviously Antic by name and attention seeking Antics by nature.
    Obviously he has never even watched the series.

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