Liberal candidate under fire for views on trans people and abortion

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Victorian Labor and even some state Liberal MPs have criticised the Victorian Liberal party’s preselection of candidate Moira Deeming, over anti-trans and anti-abortion views.

The Victorian Liberal party dumped longtime Liberal MP Bernie Finn from the party in May. He was expelled for disobedience, including offensive social media posts, including on abortion.

Finn’s replacement in the upper house seat is Melton City Councillor Moira Deeming (pictured above).

However she’s come under fire from both Labor and some Liberals for her views.

Deeming has previously called for separate bathrooms for transgender people and opposes Drag Queen Story Time for children.

In her successful council campaign in 2020, Moira Deeming outlined her views in a statement to the state’s Electoral Commission.

“Resources should be spent wisely and only ever allocated based on need. Not on identity markers like religion, race or sexuality,” she said.

“I’ll never support rates being used to promote radical policies like banning Australia Day, Drag Queen Story Time for toddlers, or letting biological males who identify as female use female toilets and change rooms.”

Last year, Deeming visited every council in the state to ask whether it was legal to put signs on public toilets declaring one is for “biological males”, one is for “biological females” and another is for people with “transgender identities”.

She also appeared on Sky News last year and appeared to suggest allowing trans children to social transition at school was dangerous.

“When you socially transition one student, there’s no evidence that it’s not harmful to the rest of the community,” she said.

“Everybody’s identity, everybody’s idea of their own sexed self comes under question.”

Liberal MP warns party ‘should learn from Katherine Deves’

Labor has lashed the party for the pick. But Victorian Liberal MPs are also reportedly concerned about Deeming’s views.

“You would have thought the party had learned from the Katherine Deves experience,” one Liberal MP told The Guardian.

“Especially in a more progressive state like Victoria.

“Voters don’t want a culture war.”

Also asked about Moira Deeming’s preselection, Victoria Premier Daniel Andrews also slammed “hateful” and “transphobic” views.

“I’m not here to comment on the Liberal Party and some of the transphobic, homophobic and also frankly, un-Victorian kind of hatred. This spite just doesn’t work,” he said.

“We’re all equal. We all should be respected, we all should be safe.

“We all should be valued for who we are and we shouldn’t have to be hiding who we are. People shouldn’t have to be fearful that they’re not going to be accepted.”

Andrews also warned “weaponised” political debates can fuel suicide and self-harm rates in the community.

“If you’re trans in this state, you’re five times more likely to self-harm than if you’re not. That’s a very serious issue,” he said.

Moira Deeming says abortion a ‘terrible evil’

Moira Deeming is also opposed to abortion and has called for abortion laws to be repealed.

Writing on a Christian news website last year, Deeming described abortion as a “terrible evil”. She also wrote that “young girls and women who find themselves with unplanned pregnancies” should “turn to the Lord” instead.

“Each [abortion] wounds a mother and father, murders an unborn child, and ends a whole family line,” she wrote.

“Not to mention the wider wounds to the losses felt by siblings, grandparents and barren families that would have given anything to have a chance to love and raise that child.

“Yet, in our culture, the abortion industry is powerfully seductive.

“It promises us with shiny human rights posters that we deserve to keep using sex selfishly and without consequence.

“It promises to keep our darkest secrets forever away from the light [and] put an end to our deepest tragedies and even to heal us from them.”

Victoria Liberal leader backs Moira Deeming

However Opposition Leader Matthew Guy has defended his party’s endorsement of Moira Deeming.

“Labor thinks if someone has a different point of view to them, they shouldn’t be allowed to express it,” he said.

“[Moira Deeming] has expressed her views, as far as I can see, in a fairly respectful way.

“And she’s entitled to have a different point of view from a lot of people. Isn’t she entitled to have a different point of view from the premier?”

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  1. Peter Turner
    28 July 2022

    “In a fairly respectful way “!!! I don’t think so.

    The Liberal Party is moving further to the right and into further irrelevance. They haven’t taken their election result and questioned why and they will be in Opposition for a very long time.

    Federally, Voldermort Dutton, is trying to emulate The Antichrist Donald Trump. He needs to remember Australians are not as gullible as Republican Americans.

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