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As part of the LGBTQ community, how comfortable have you been buying property? Even renting, what experiences have you had securing a tenancy? Funnily enough, most landlords and lenders who have actually dealt with the LGBTQ community love us! We are generally fastidious, have great jobs, and spectacular taste in furnishings. We’re also often double income, no child families. Dream candidates! Check out our LGBTQ Property Market Guide from Ryan Barabas.


Ryan Barabas of Elever Property Group in Brisbane believes buying property should be a positive and rewarding experience.

Do you find yourself uncomfortable attending an open house, somewhat self-conscious because you feel you are ‘different’? Have you been treated differently by agents or staff in the past? Despite the progress in the past few years, problems persist and our discomfort is real.

I purchased a unit myself recently. With interest rates so low, I couldn’t pass it up. I now pay far less on my mortgage than I did on rent so it is was definitely worth doing.

LGBTQ Property Market Guide Dot Points

Open houses: if you don’t have a wing-person for support, give them a miss. Contact your agent and request a private inspection.

Uncomfortable meeting the current owners: Again, contact your agent. They can discreetly arrange an inspection while the owners are absent.

Worried about finding the ‘right’ agent: There are some great online forums with genuine reviews of various professional services, including agents. Alternatively, ask friends who previously bought homes about their experience. Would they go through the same agent again? If so, perhaps that agent is a good option for you. An agent with experience finding properties for LGBTQ clients can prove hugely beneficial. That experience leads to an increased awareness of what LGBTQ buyers require not just in a house, but a home.

Concerns about neighbours and community: If in doubt, seek an area with a larger LGBTQ community. Do some research. Investigate the main ‘types’ of families in the area. Definitely visit local shops and cafes. Do a trial run of amenities you are likely to use. These will be as much your ‘home’ as your house. Pop into the library, spend some time at the dog park with your pooch or take a late afternoon stroll around the neighbourhood. How welcome do you feel? If you don’t ‘feel the love’, look for a property in a different locale.

Ryan Barabas: know your rights

Lastly, know your rights.

Buying property should be stress-free, rewarding and enjoyable. Discrimination is unpleasant and uncalled for. It is also illegal. Therefore, no one should discriminate against you in the buying, selling or leasing process. Your ability to finance and secure the property is the only matter of concern. If you experience discrimination, don’t hesitate to lodge a complaint with your real estate agent or otherwise, through the appropriate body.

Finding your new home should be a fun and exciting experience. Armed with a few strategies and the right team, you can realise the Australian Dream and roll out your rainbow welcome mat in no time.

Ryan Barabas of Elever Property Group is a leading professional in the Brisbane Property Market. For assistance with any matters regarding your property, contact Ryan Barabas today on 0439 715 742.

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