LGBTIQ activists visit detained gay Saudis

detained gay saudis just equal

Just.equal co-founder Ivan Hinton-Teoh and Switchboard Victoria CEO Joe Ball spoke on Friday with the two detained gay Saudi men locked up in Australia after fleeing Saudi Arabia.

The couple flew to Australia on legitimate visas after fleeing Saudi Arabia.

They left their homeland following police investigations into their sexuality.

The pair, known as Sultan and Nassar, lived together for 16 years.

The two men fled their home in fear of their lives for the ‘crime’ of loving each other. Australia responded by locking them up. They remain under guard for fear of attacks on them for their sexuality.

Just.equal implore all Australians to sign the petition for the release of the two men. Already, respected journalists from around the world signed character references for Sultan and Nassar.

Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia criminalises homosexuality. Those convicted of it face execution by decapitation. The Saudi authorities hold executions in public squares.

Despite the ruling family’s renowned personal excess, normal citizens live their lives within the rigid confines of Wahhabism, an extreme and ultra-conservative Islamic doctrine.

Saudi Arabia and it’s sworn enemy Iran are the two most notorious countries in the world for executing LGBTIQ citizens.

The pair belong to opposing branches of Islam. While Saudi Arabia is a Sunni absolute monarchy, despotic Shia clerics rule over Iran in a reign of terror. Despite that, both employ the same deceit to undermine western protests against the execution of gays. They add on other charges such as theft, rape or murder.

detained gay saudis
An execution in Saudi Arabia. Image: Amnesty International

Conversely, they sometimes add a charge of homosexuality to those subject to judicial persecution for religious non-conformity. Earlier this year Saudi Arabia staged a mass execution of men and youths from a religious minority. While they convicted the men on trumped-up charges of espionage and terrorism, they added homosexuality to the list of charges against five of the younger men. They based those charges on a confession extracted under torture from one of the men and later retracted.

Sign the just.equal petition here.

detained gay saudis


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