South Australian Premier Jay Weatherill has responded to the tragic death of gay British man David Bulmer-Rizzi with the announcement of a raft of LGBTI-related law reforms.

In late January, David Bulmer-Rizzi died at a friend’s house in Adelaide while honeymooning with his husband Marco.


Because South Australia doesn’t recognise same-sex marriages from overseas, Marco was not recognised as his husband’s next of kin and “never married” initially appeared on David’s death certificate.

Marco told the ABC the ordeal was “a personal attack on David, on our memories. It was the most humiliating moment of my life.”

Now Premier Weatherill has told his state’s parliament he has fast-tracked a review by the South Australian Law Reform Institute into laws affecting LGBTI people.

“The embarrassment highlighted by this tragedy has strengthened my resolve to ensure all South Australians enjoy the same rights,” he said.

He said the South Australian Law Reform Institute will also examine laws regulating Sexual Reassignment and Registration of Sex and Gender, surrogacy, the state’s Relationship Register, the current operation of Provocation law and the Effect of Exceptions under the Equal Opportunity Act 1984.

In the meantime, South Australia has passed a bill which amends discriminatory provisions preventing the non-birth mother of a child conceived through assisted reproductive treatment from being recognised on their child’s birth certificate.

South Australian Rainbow Labor spokesperson Belinda Marsden said the reform was overdue.

“Past discrimination has had daily impacts on families, complicating access to healthcare and education, travel arrangements, and guardianship where the birth-mother has passed away,” she said.

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