LGB Alliance co-founder breaks down when asked to define ‘lesbian’

LGB Alliance
LGB Alliance members attend the hearing. Image: Facebook

The co-founder of LGB Alliance was reduced to tears when asked to define the word ‘lesbian’.

It follows a legal challenge to the Charity Commission’s decision to award charitable status to the organisation.

According to The Guardian, the meaning of the word lesbian has been analysed on several occasions during five days of court hearings.

The legal challenge was brought by the children’s trans rights charity Mermaids, and has been crowdfunded.

Michael Gibbon KC  asked LGB Alliance co-founder Kate Harris whether some people would have a different understanding of lesbian from LGBA’s definition.

“Putting it in a more neutral way, that lesbians can include someone who is a woman as a result of gender reassignment,” Gibbon responded.

The judge called for a short adjournment after Harris become upset.

Gibbon later apologised if he had “raised something inadvertently upsetting”.

“I’m going to speak for millions of lesbians around the world who are lesbians because we love other women,” Harris said.

“We will not be erased. We will not have any man with a penis tell us he’s a lesbian because he feels he is.

“A lesbian is attracted to another biological woman, full stop.”

LGB Alliance co-founder says charity does not have an anti-trans agenda

Mermaids claim that LGB Alliance is anti-trans and aims to undermine the work of charities that advocate for trans rights.

It questions whether LGB Alliance meets the legal threshold for charitable status.

LGB Alliance contests that it is promoting the rights of lesbian, gay and bisexual people.

Their position is that there are only two sexes and that gender is a social construct.

Harris said she founded the organisation to protect children from a “dangerous and confusing gender-identity ideology”.

Harris rejected the suggestion that the charity had an anti-trans agenda.

“People like us and JK Rowling and thousands of others have been called anti-trans for the simple reason that we say biology is real and that there are two sexes,” she said.

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