Let’s Treat Syphilis: Trans, Gender Diverse and Non-Binary People

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STIs don’t discriminate. Syphilis can affect everyone. Anyone who is sexually active can contract syphilis, including members of the Trans, Gender Diverse and Non-Binary (TGDNB) communities.

Let’s Treat Syphilis is a collaboration of Queensland Council for LGBTI Health (QC) and Queensland Positive People (QPP).

Spread through oral, anal, and genital contact, syphilis sometimes displays no symptoms.

This means you can potentially contract syphilis and not know it.

That makes it particularly dangerous for people who feel alienated from the healthcare system.

Historic and ongoing stigma and discrimination in the healthcare system can cause Trans, Gender Diverse and Non-Binary people to delay accessing healthcare.

One study found that 28% of Trans, Gender Diverse & Non-Binary people postponed necessary medical care when sick or injured.

Researchers also found 33% of Trans, Gender Diverse & Non-Binary  people delayed or did not attempt to access preventive healthcare because of discrimination by health care providers.

So, it is essential for the health and wellbeing of Trans, Gender Diverse and Non-Binary people that they access affirmative healthcare.

Look for an LGBTI friendly doctor or sexual health clinic. Check out the directory of testing sites across the state at https://letstreatsyphilis.info/testing-directory/

TGDNB people can find sexual health information specific to their needs at the soon to be launched ‘Our Health Matters’ website: www.ourhealthmatters.com.au

Let’s Treat Syphilis: the good news

Syphilis can be cured.

Often, the STI requires just a single injection of antibiotics. 

Regular testing means early detection and timely treatment.

So find an LGBTI doctor or sexual health clinic that provides affirmative health care and book regular three-monthly sexual health checks.

Safer sex

Safer sex practices will help protect against syphilis. Use condoms, dams and internal condoms. Plenty of water-based lubricant will add to enjoyment and also prevent condom breakage.

Avoid sex with someone with visible ulcers or sores on their genitals, bum or mouth and monitor your own body for sores.

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