Let Women Speak: Lidia Thorpe restrained at transphobe rally

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Independent senator and champion for Blak sovereignty Lidia Thorpe was physically thrown to the ground by police officers after an attempt to disrupt transphobe Kellie-Jay Keen’s rally this morning.

British transphobe Kellie-Jay Keen has reached the final stop of her ‘Let Women Speak’ tour after a week of pedalling vitriolic bigotry and hate all across Australia.

One Nation senator Pauline Hanson, who also spoke at the event, attended the rally along with several other senators.

However, when senator Lidia Thorpe approached the microphone to intervene, police officers were quick to forcefully drag the senator to the ground.

In a clip from the rally, Lidia attempts to crawl away from the officers as they continue trying to restrain her.

Following the scuffle, Lidia then returns to the side of the counter-protesters, who embrace the senator with applause.

Lidia says ‘transphobes are not welcome here’

In a follow-up interview, Lidia tells reporters that she attempted to inform the transphobic Keen that she is not welcome in this country before officers “assaulted” her.

“This country should be ashamed that they even let people like this into the country,” she says.

She goes on to say that police “pulverised” her for her attempt to dirupt the speech.

The irony couldn’t be more stark

People were also quick to point out the irony of not letting a woman speak at a ‘Let Women Speak’ rally:

The incident also reminds us that, while parliament announces updates on The Voice, others are still actively silencing prominent Indigenous voices for standing up against bigots.

As another account described it, “It’s a sobering reminder of the disconnect between government rhetoric and reality.”

But amidst concerns on how to address the rise of far-right extremism, Australians can at least be sure of one thing: Lidia Thorpe leads by example.

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