Leslie Jordan watched the Meghan Markle interview and he’s picked a side

leslie jordan meghan markle interview
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Actor Leslie Jordan has told Meghan Markle “the gays have got your back” after he watched her and Prince Harry’s interview with Oprah Winfrey.

The couple opened up about their decision to step back as senior members of the royal family in the much-discussed interview.


Meghan discussed the intense struggles – including with her mental health – that she faced at the palace and with the media after marrying Harry.

After he watched the interview, Leslie Jordan signed on to Instagram as “Leslie Allen Jordan, reporting for duty” and offered his thoughts.

“I was watching this Oprah interview with Meghan Markle. Woohoo, s–t’s getting real,” he said.

“She needs to speak her truth, that’s wonderful. I’m just afraid those Royals are gonna smoke her.

“But you don’t tell any queen, let alone the Queen to apologize for losing a war of drama.

“I hope those kids know what they’re getting into. But I will say this, listen: gays, we gays know drama better than anybody.

“We got her back. Yes m’am.

“Miss Markle, the gays have got your back in this royal battle.”

Leslie Jordan became unlikely pandemic star

Leslie’s video has been watched over 600,000 times in two days.

The actor is best known for playing Beverley Leslie on Will & Grace.

But he became an unexpected lifeline for all of us last year with his hilarious, almost-daily Instagram videos during COVID-19 lockdown. He now has 5.6 million Instagram followers.


“I’m not sure what happened. The shutdown, of course, we all had to hunker down and stay at home,” he told the Washington Post last April.

“I would just notice, oh my gosh, I’ve got like 20,000 more [followers].

“Who are these people? I had no idea. It’s all of a sudden becoming popular, and how is this happening?”

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  1. Royal Observer
    11 March 2021

    Sorry to say but sad little man Leslie Jordan does not speak for myself as an Australian Gay Man…. I am not betrothed to the hype and pomp of the glitterati known as Hollywood Self Serving Narcissists…

    As an outside observer and considering all information available it is blatantly obvious that Whinge did not get what she demanded and being the Alpha in her marriage she forced Ginge to choose between his Wife and Child or his Family.

    Let’s hope Ginge is able to eventually reconnect with his Family, blood is thicker then water after all

      11 March 2021

      You don’t speak for everyone so don’t include all gay people in your support for this actress.

    • Gary Brewer
      12 March 2021

      well said. agree totally. she complains about not getting help with her mental health issues – her own husband campaigned with Will & Kate on mental health issues. did she not ask himfor a referral?

  2. Peter Turner
    11 March 2021

    So much supposition here!! None of us know the actual truth of the situation and denigrating Meghan makes you no better than the UK tabloids. She has told HER truth, as has Harry, and that should be the end of the discussion. I note NO outright denials from the Palace though.

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