Lesbian YouTuber’s anguish as religious father snubs wedding

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Lesbian YouTube star Hannah Hart has explained in an emotional video her Jehovah’s Witness father is refusing to attend her wedding.

The 33-year-old has 2.5 million YouTube followers and is known for her web series My Drunk Kitchen. Soon, Hannah will marry fiancée Ella Mielniczenko after their two-year engagement.

But in a new video, Hannah explains her Jehovah’s Witness father is snubbing the wedding. She descibes her family’s religion as “a cult.”

“They’re not even like a Christian denomination,” she said.

“They are more like the kind of organization that consumes your entire life and controls all your relationships.

“I’m really surprised that I’m sad that my dad’s not coming to my wedding.

“I can’t believe I care. Why do I care? It shouldn’t matter, of course he’s not going.

“The Witnesses have always been more important than me. So why am I surprised the Witnesses are more important than me again here? It sucks.”

Hannah said she was opening up about the situation in an effort to “feel comfortable posting all the happy wedding content again.”

“I have nothing to be ashamed of,” she said.

“I just need to say this so that I don’t internalize it and it doesn’t fester in me.”

Hannah Hart’s parents called her relationship ‘immoral’

Hart explained her father and stepmom, who were part of wedding planning emails, told her last year they wouldn’t attend the wedding.

However, she said she wrongly assumed the family “would all silently agree not to discuss it”.

“[I assumed] I had suffered enough. That I had struggled enough. That I had lost enough family already,” she said.

“They needed to remind me that my love was unnatural, immoral, and a crime within their organisation.

“To remind me that Ella wasn’t worthy of being in a family photo.

“And lastly, to remind me that if I ever used my public platform to speak out against their organisation that that ‘would be it.’

“It’s taken me six months to decide I am comfortable with that.”

Hannah went on to declare, “You don’t protect families by keeping secrets.

“And I’ve been keeping secret my opinion of the Jehovah’s Witnesses out of fear of losing my relationship with my father.”

Hart told followers her parents raised her in the religion but “never officially baptised” her.

“And yet this organization has taken from me something I desperately wanted – the unconditional love and support of a parent.”

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