Lesbian Romantic Comedy For Brisbane’s Italian Film Festival


A slice of la dolce vita will be coming to Brisbane’s Palace Cinemas from Wednesday, September 28 through to October 19 with the annual Lavazza Italian Film Festival.

From the opening night extravaganza, where red carpets, Peronis and gift bags accompany the premiere of Paolo Genovese’s ‘Perfect Strangers’, to the closing evening event of the Oscar-winning classic ‘Roman Holiday’, which will be screened in all its restored glory, this year’s festival promises to be the most exciting yet.

Leading the charge with its confident sexuality and brochure-perfect scenery, ‘Me, Myself and Her’ (pictured) is one of the more bold titles to be screened this year as director Maria Sole Tognazzi delivers a refreshing take on romance with two female protagonists. An uncommon occurrence in Italian cinema, Tognazzi’s lesbian love story doesn’t pander to stereotypes, instead delivering an honest, and often humorous, look at two women whose relationship is threatened by the inclusion of a strange male.

Keeping the woman-power theme in check, ‘Solo’ recalls some of Woody Allen’s finest work as European veteran Laura Morante takes charge as the film’s writer, director and star. At times fantastically surreal, ‘Solo’ is a wonderfully unique comedy about one woman’s journey to self-discovery.

Those seeking something a little more challenging can look no further than the political thriller ‘The Confessions’. Set amongst the world of political finance, Roberto Ando’s investing drama commands your attention as it details the story of a silent monk beholden to the privilege of confessions from some of the world’s top leaders during a G8 summit. When the Director of the International Monetary Fund is found dead during the conference the monk becomes the prime suspect, sending this twisted tale towards a climax you won’t soon forget.

A film for anyone who has ever felt like an outsider, ‘One Kiss’ could be the festival’s most relatable project as this award-winning drama takes us on the eye-opening journey of three strangers who find comfort within one another and are bound together by the unjust hate they receive from their peers.

Whether you want to laugh, cry, fall in love or be challenged, the 2016 Lavazza Italian Film Festival promises to deliver on all accounts.

The Lavazza Italian Film Festival is running from September 28 until October 19 at Brisbane’s Palace Barracks. For more information on films and session times visit the festival’s website.

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