Lesbian flag creator is homeless and crowdfunding for support

lesbian pride flag emily gwen
Sunset Lesbian Pride Flag by Emily Gwen.

The creator of the lesbian flag, Australian artist Emily Gwen, has reached out to their online community for help after facing housing insecurity. 

After many iterations, the Sunset Lesbian Pride Flag is currently the most well-known and accepted version of the lesbian pride flag.

Created by Gwen in 2018, the flag features seven stripes in a gradient of orange to pink with their own meanings:

  • Dark orange: gender non-conformity
  • Coral orange: independence
  • Pale orange: community
  • White stripe: unique relationships to womanhood
  • Pinkish purple: serenity and peace
  • Darker purple-pink: love and sex
  • Deep magenta: femininity.

However, despite their success, Gwen is now experiencing homelessness due to the current rental and cost of living crisis.

Leaning on their online community for support, Gwen launched a crowdfunding initiative and listed items in their merch store for sale.

“You know lesbian flag merch you can get from Target, or Disney? I designed that flag!,” they wrote.

“While I’m happy to have created it, I am poor and facing homelessness while corporations profit. If anyone has even $5 to help me secure a home, I would be grateful.”

Trust me, I hate begging,” Gwen continued.

“But I am unemployed and still searching for work. My unemployment payments cover basically nothing and I have no way to save. I’d ask my family for help, but I have basically no family left after my homophobic dad kicked me out. So I’m desperate.”

If you are in a position to help Emily Gwen, you can donate via their crowdfunding platform or purchase their merchandise.

If you are also facing homelessness or housing insecurity, support is available through lgbtihomeless.org.au.

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