Lesbian couple’s ‘rebel wedding’ at Extinction Rebellion climate protest

extinction rebellion climate change action protests same-sex couple wedding
Photo: Extinction Rebellion

A lesbian couple have staged a unique marriage ceremony in the middle of an Extinction Rebellion protest in London.

Activists Tamsin Omond and partner Melissa tied the knot – unofficially – on Westminster Bridge after the climate change protest blocked it off to traffic.

The crowed cheered on the couple as they exchanged their vows and kissed in the middle of the bridge.

An officiant tells the crowd: “We are here to witness, to celebrate and affirm the commitment to love made by Tamsin and Melissa at this time in their marriage.

“They give themselves to one another, trusting in the love of God to sustain their own love, promising faithfulness, trust and forgiveness in their life together.”

The Extinction Rebellion organisers celebrated the couple’s ceremony on Twitter.

“Extinction Rebellion has its first marriage. In love, and in rage, they stand on Westminster Bridge.

“We rebel for their future. They rebel for yours. We all encourage each other.”

Fellow activist Rupert Reed said: “This beautiful ceremony seemed to prefigure something about the more beautiful world that XR are trying to build.

“So happy to witness my friend and longtime comrade Tamsin Omond marrying in this unique way.”

Extinction Rebellion protests stop traffic in dozens of cities

Extinction Rebellion climate protesters have disrupted traffic in dozens of cities around the world. The demonstrators demand governments take more urgent action against climate change.

In London, police arrested 280 Extinction Rebellion protesters already this week, the BBC reported.

Meanwhile in Australia, former Greens senator Scott Ludlam was one of 38 arrested in Sydney on Monday as part of local protests.

In Brisbane, police arrested more than 20 protesters on Tuesday including Paul Jukes, who suspended himself below Story Bridge in a hammock.

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