Lesbian Couple Arrested For Kissing Get Compensation

Honolulu has agreed to pay $80,000 to settle a lawsuit from two lesbian women who alleged a police officer wrongfully arrested them after seeing them kissing in a supermarket.

Courtney Wilson and Taylor Guerrero (pictured) were two days into their romantic holiday in Hawaii last October when they were arrested after a police officer took offence at their public display of affection inside a supermarket on Oahu’s North Shore.

Officer Bobby Harrison “observed their consensual romantic contact and, in a loud voice, ordered the plaintiffs to stop and ‘take it somewhere else’,” according to the lawsuit filed by the couple from Los Angeles against the officer and the city of Honolulu.

The women were subsequently harassed and assaulted as the officer threw Ms Guerrero to the ground, striking Ms Wilson in the process.

They were arrested and charged with assault on an officer and spent three days in jail.

Although a court threw out the original charges, the couple later dropped their complaint against the city and an $US80,000 ($AU110,000) settlement was agreed upon.

The couple, who are no longer together but remain friends, said they now wish to move on.

“I’m glad it’s over but, at the same time, we wanted the Officer to suffer some sort of repercussions,” Ms Wilson said.

“For the publicity the case has gained, I hope that it gives people inspiration to stand up for their civil rights as we have and to not tolerate bigoted behaviour like that because it’s not acceptable.”

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