Laverne Cox’s words of wisdom to TikTok star Dylan Mulvaney

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TikTok star Dylan Mulvaney appeared at the Grammys on the weekend after going viral for her transition journey over the past year.

“I’m about to walk up to Laverne Cox,” Dylan said in a TikTok filmed on the red carpet, “she’s on my vision board this year.”

The TikTok shows Dylan telling Laverne this information, causing the Orange Is the New Black to burst out laughing in disbelief.

“I was on your 2023 vision board? That’s lovely!” She replies.

Dylan then proceeds to tell Laverne about her facial feminization surgery journey so far.

“Girl, we know,” Laverne quipped, “It’s all over TikTok!” The actress also shared with Dylan a vital piece of advice:

“It’s insane that you’re like documenting so much of your life. Make sure you keep things for yourself,” Laverne said. “Everything cannot be for the public.”

“But they love it!” Dylan replied.

“They love it but everything cannot be for them,” Laverne says.

“Give every trans person that love”

Laverne went on to share a touching message to Dylan’s followers.

“I want to say to everyone who’s supporting her: Thank you,” she said. “I think it’s really important that we have support from people and love from folks and I see all the love that you give her.”

“It’s not just important for her, it’s important for all the trans people out there who maybe aren’t getting that.”

Dylan agrees with the star, adding “Please give that love that you give us to every trans person.”

@dylanmulvaney Sharing a magical moment with @lavernecox ♬ original sound – Dylan Mulvaney

While many found the moment endearing and wholesome, others accused Dylan of “doing too much” and talking over Laverne.

Dylan responds

Dylan then made a TikTok responding to the online discourse surrounding the magical moment.

“I got to meet my role model, Laverne Cox. I walked up to her and we had a lovely private conversation to begin with, and then I did ask her, ‘Would you mind making a video with me?’ She said, ‘Of course,'” Dylan shared.

“You know when you get really nervous — for me, when I get really nervous, I just can’t stop talking. I’m like, just, word vomit.

“Well, I totally disrupted her. I feel terrible. I really apologize for that. I watched it back, and here you got me, who’s like, been doing this for less than a year.”

“Then, you’ve got the most evolved, amazing trans woman on the planet speaking her truth, and I’m talking over her. So, I apologize for that. One of my things on my vision board is to be a better listener — especially on trans topics.”

“So, work in progress right here,” Dylan continued.

“But she gave me such great advice when it came to making sure that I’m keeping some things for myself.”

She then added that she’s taking Laverne’s advice and has made some private videos that she may never post.

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