Lauren Boebert gropes date at family friendly show

lauren boebert beetlejuice

Feral US congresswoman Lauren Boebert — the screeching far-right scold who rants about drag queens sexualising children — fondled her date during a family-friendly performance of Beetlejuice in a crowded theatre.

Scroll down for vid.

The Lauren Boebert at Beetlejuice story is the gift that just keeps on giving.

It started out with reports she’d been asked to leave the performance for disrupting the musical. Allegedly the congresswoman used her phone to take flash photographs of the show and vaped.

Oh no! insisted her spokesperson. The show used heavy fog machines leading to a misunderstanding. But then footage emerged of Boebert clearly vaping. Also refusing to stop when requested by the pregnant audience member behind her.

Boebert issued an apology Friday saying she hadn’t lived up to her “Christian values.” 🤣

She blamed her behaviour on the stress of going through a divorce.

But what about the public groping?

However, also Friday, additional footage emerged from the incident showing Lauren Boebert and her date feeling each other up.

Boebert filed for divorce in May. Media reports describe her current boyfriend, Quinn Gallagher, as the owner of a bar that sometimes hosts drag shows. That’s like — DRAG SHOWS!!! The events Congresswoman Lauren Boebert rants against. Even worse for her followers, he’s allegedly a Democrat.😳

The new video shows Gallagher groping Boebert’s breast before she places a hand in his lap and goes the grope.

In a packed theatre…

… at a family-friendly performance of Beetlejuice…

…with kids in attendance!

What a f*cking hypocrite!

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  1. Michael Reid
    16 September 2023

    Who? I know it is important to call out turkey’s like this. But WHO? It is like I was expected to also heard about this one too! Only via this article. Clearly a Sarah Palin clone, whom unspeakably reared their unsightly head once again very recently. How did they bring themselves to attend a musical then? Where it is commonly known to be one of OUR favoured playgrounds, we frequently excel at best. Could easily be some of the supporting & even main principle performers that sideline in drag, and in between productions! Certainly one that celebrates “others” in a story like Beetlejuice?!

    18 September 2023

    check this out – – Trae Crowder – – On Lauren Boebert’s Undying Dedication to Trashness – – hysterically funny informed comment lol – – yours in transgender , ollie.:-J

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