Landlord Has No Room (Literally) For Gays Or Lesbians

shop window in East London

A single lesbian mum was stunned when she spotted a discriminatory tenancy ad taped to a shop window in East London.

The notice posted on Greenwich High Street reads that there is a double room available that is “perfect for friendly working/professional single men/women or even student”.

However, the flat does not permit children, DSS (those who receive benefits), benefit seekers or gay/lesbian people.

Amanda O’Leary told Pink News she was shocked by the post and initially thought it was meant to be a “joke”.

“When I first read it I actually laughed and thought it was a joke,” she said.

“I thought how can someone post this on a shop window. Is it the dark ages?”


O’Leary posted an image of the ad on Facebook because she wanted to show people the prejudice that is still alive and kicking in this world.

“My friends were completely shocked when they saw the post. They didn’t think anybody would do such a thing,” she said.

“They were angry. They wanted this person named and shamed.”

As well as feeling shocked, O’Leary, like many others, was saddened to see that this outright homophobia still existed in the bustling English capital.

“I feel for both my children in the future. Will they be judged for having a gay mum. They have been taught that love is love. End of story.”

TheGayUK contacted the number listed on the ad and spoke to a man who said that he “was sorry” and that he was “told today that it was not right and it would be removed today”.

Nerelle Harper

Nerelle is a contributor for QN Magazine and QNEWS Online

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