Lady Gaga’s Stonewall appearance

Lady Gaga Stonewall
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Lady Gaga surprised cheering fans with an appearance at the Stonewall Inn  yesterday on the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall Riots. At the scene of the riots she delivered an impassioned speech on Pride and LGBTIQ rights.

Look around you. Look at what you have done. This community has fought and continued to fight a war of acceptance, a war of tolerance, and the most relentless bravery.

You are the definition of courage,

I hope you celebrate every inch of who you are today. You were born this way and you are superstars!

I will continue to fight every day during shows, and even when I’m not onstage, to spread a message that’s actually quite simple: Be kind.

And guess what? That kindness belongs to you. It always has belonged to you. Even when the world was not kind, it belonged to you. All the galaxies, stars, and even God, I know all had your back.

So today, and I hope every day: Dance, sing, rejoice, worship yourself, worship each other!

It is said that those who threw the first brick on that historic night were members of the trans community.

And while we have made tremendous progress, we find ourselves at a time where attacks on the trans community are on an increasing rise each day. I will not tolerate this.

That distance between us and them — those who are not listening and who do not understand — that is the space for an important dialogue as a community and how we all move forward together to change the system of an extremely oppressive administration.

Embrace the Stonewall legacy. Love each other, raise your voice, and my gosh, vote, don’t forget to vote!

True love is when you would take a bullet for someone, and you know that I would take a bullet for you any day of the week.

Lady Gaga, Stonewall and Pronoun

Earlier in the week, Gaga called on her fans to respect the pronouns of trans and gender diverse people.

As the LGBTIQ community observes the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall riots, the performer spoke out at a New York concert, Out reported.

“I wish to share this with everyone who’s listening, not just in this theatre, but around the world,” she said in between songs.

“Ask the question: what is your pronoun?

“Because for a lot of people, it’s really hard, and their pronouns aren’t respected or they’re not asked.”

Lady Gaga said that she identified with people who might feel misunderstood.

“For me, I’ve grown and changed over the years in a lot of different ways, I’ve felt misunderstood in different ways,” she said.

“All our hardships are different—I don’t mean to compare—I just mean to say we’re in this together, and I’ve had a million reasons to want to give up, and sometimes if you’re lucky you just need one good reason to stick around.”

She also spoke about the Stonewall riots, praising the “bravery” of the trailblazing LGBTIQ activists who stood up against police oppression in 1969.

“That was when our community said enough is enough,” she said.

“And all hail to so many including Miss Marsha P Johnson. What bravery, what courage.

“I have learned so much over the years from all my fans. I feel so blessed, thank you for showing me and teaching me.”

Earlier this month, Lady Gaga told a crowd in Las Vegas that Pride month should last all year

“In my mind, it’s Pride all f—ing year,” she said.

“Let’s celebrate all sexual identities, every religion, every colour, every kind.

“Let’s go! Celebrate your freedom!”

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