Lack of Nivea response intensifies outrage


Outrage greeted news two weeks ago that a Nivea representative said “We don’t do gay at Nivea,” in response to an ad proposal. He made the statement when rejecting an image that showed two male hands touching.

The Nivea rep was apparently unaware that one of the ad agency executives on the call was gay.


The advertising agency then announced they would not renew their contract with Nivea after a 100 year old relationship.

At the time, Nivea released a statement saying, “We don’t comment on unsubstantiated speculations.”

“We are an international company with more than 20,000 employees with very different genders, ethnicities, orientations, backgrounds and personalities worldwide.

“Through our products, we touch millions of consumers around the globe every day.

“We know and cherish that individuality and diversity in all regards brings inspiration and creativity to our society and to us as a company.”

However, those statements failed to adequately address the outrage felt by LGBTIQ consumers and allies. Ever since, calls for a boycott escalated.

Despite requests from consumers for clarification, Nivea made no further comment and failed to update their Twitter page since the story broke.

Calls for Boycott

On social media, users posted images of discarded Nivea product and called for a boycott.

George Takei

George Takei also asked his 3 million Twitter followers to boycott the brand.


Despite the majority of feedback consisting of negative comments, Nivea managed to attract a couple of supporters.

Lisa Tonkis claimed she purchased Nivea for the first time as thanks to the company for not caving in to the ‘screeching from gays’.

Meanwhile Shannon thanked the Nivea for not promoting the “gay lifestyle.”

“To each their own,” she tweeted, “However I prefer not to have it in my face as a consumer.”

We assume she means the gay lifestyle, and not the face cream.

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