Chalk this one up as a victory for the pro-gay marriage lobby in Tasmania.

An internal Labor Party bun fight has erupted on social media after colleagues of Denison MP Madeleine Ogilvie protested outside her office, chalking rainbows on the footpath.


Ms Ogilvie was one of two Labor MPs who voted against the Greens’ motion giving in-principle support for same-sex marriage, the other was David Llewellyn.

This prompted the “Rainbow Labor” supporters to send her their colourful message that they were not impressed she had breached party policy.

Ms Ogilvie described their action as “threatening … intimidating, thuggish behaviour”.

I will not be bullied by a small group of people who say they want tolerance, but behave with anything but tolerance,” she said.

Tactics of intimidation, property damage and bullying on social media … are completely unacceptable.”

Senior Labor member and state secretary of the Health and Community Services Union, Tim Jacobson, who took part in the protest, responded: “I thought the action was an appropriate non-violent response to your blatant breach of party policy.”

A spokesman for Labor leader Bryan Green said the ALP National Platform calls for a conscience vote on a number of issues, including same-sex marriage.

Mr Green posted on Facebook that he supported marriage equality and that he believed it was an important step towards ending discrimination.

But he added: “I also respect that there are those with different views. As the Labor Party and as a community we should be tolerant and respectful of all opinions.

Tolerance and love go hand in hand, you can’t have one without the other.”

For the record, the motion passed the House of Assembly 15-9 after a conscience debate.

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