Labor candidate Luke Creasey resigns over lewd social media posts

victorian labor candidate luke creasey
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Victorian Labor candidate and Rainbow Labor Victoria co-convenor Luke Creasey has resigned after a string of lewd social media posts joking about rape, lesbian women and religion came to light.

Creasey shared memes in 2012 that included one joking about rape playing on the song “Call Me Maybe” reading “Hey I just met you, if you don’t date me, you’ll go to prison, I’ll say you raped me,” and another saying religion is “like a penis” in that people shouldn’t “try to shove it down my children’s throats.”

The Herald Sun reported that Creasey also wrote on Facebook, “So I have a theory: When two vaginas come into contact, they begin to ‘mind-meld’ and eventually; after prolonged exposure; form a hive mind. This is why lesbians tend to merge into One Being.”

And The Australian reported on Friday Creasey also joked online back in 2012 about watching his female friend have sex with multiple people and about her wanting someone to “roughly take her virginity”.

“Can’t keep that girl away … or her clothes on. In fact she was just chilling on my couch on her towel just before,” he wrote on Facebook.

“She was just saying how she wishes she had a bisexual education student to roughly take her virginity. We can all watch!

“Wait wait wait! You should all do her together. Golden opportunity… you’re a lucky man.”

Creasey earlier apologised for sharing rape jokes and pornographic material on his Facebook page, but stepped down on Friday over the controversy.

“While I made those awful comments many years ago and they in no way reflect the views I hold today, I understand, especially as a member of the LGBTIQ community, that we need to be careful about what we share or like on social media,” he said.

“I think this is a really important lession for young people that your social media footprint will follow you.”

Labor leader Bill Shorten defended the candidate early on Friday morning, saying the posts were “deeply offensive and stupid remarks” but Creasey made them when he was young and had apologised.

“The candidate’s remarks were deeply offensive. I’m not going to defend the remarks, they are shocking and stupid,” Shorten said.

“He’s also come forward to say he was 22 at the time. He’s mortified and so he should be. He has apologised deeply and certainly he doesn’t hold those views now … stupid is stupid is stupid.”

But Prime Minister Scott Morrison said Creasey’s age was “not an excuse” and the candidate should be sacked.

“That is not a defence, it is not an excuse. He may well be contrite but the issue is not whether he’s contrite, it is whether that’s a standard that Bill Shorten is prepared to accept,” he said.

“And only Bill Shorten can explain why he’s prepared to accept the young man’s defence when it comes to excusing this sort of behaviour.”

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