La Boite Theatre’s new queer comedy IRL

One male actor dressed in a grey koala onesie hugs another male actor in a pink shirt and dyed hair while holding hands. Promotional picture for the La Boite Theare's queer comedy IRL.
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IRL is La Boite’s new comedy about young queer love, and how awkward it can be. 

Call your internet provider and update your plan this November for IRL at La Boite, a hilarious story of online antics, queer romance, and camp tomfoolery.

Directed by Matilda award-winner, Sanja Simić, IRL is a brand-new show by Lewis Treston, the creative mind behind the 2022 smash hit, An Ideal Husband. 

IRL – In Real Life

Meet Alexi. He’s your typical awkward gay seventeen-year-old, with a passion for cosplay and escaping into a world of his own creation – sometimes to his own detriment. 

Then meet Thaddeus. Thaddeus is Alexi’s long-time internet crush, a romance that lives comfortably in online anonymity. Well, at least until the two agreed to meet IRL (in real life) at the upcoming pop culture convention, Supanova. Nothing could go wrong, right? 

However, in a moment of regrettable self-sabotage, Alexi decides to assume a false identity to test the waters with this would-be boyfriend.

And if that wasn’t enough, Alexi’s celebrity best friend, Taylor, decides to join in by channelling the anti-capitalist vigilante superhero she plays on TV.

It’s here when Alexi, Thaddeus, and Taylor’s one foot in reality lifts and the thin line between fantasy and reality begins to blur. 

As this cosplay-filled day unfolds, the trio stumble through their strange situation to find truth in their put-on personas. Will they drop the act and find the connections they all deeply crave?

A relatable story of humour and heart

Running 6 – 25 November, La Boite’s IRL is a comedy-smothered reflection of the modern-day struggle to find connection in an increasingly online world. A Schrodinger’s digital dance floor where everyone is both in cosplay and not in cosplay, at the same time.

How do we tell the difference between what is real, and what is a fantasy, and how much of each are in the mix? 

IRL gradually became a distillation of many of the themes and theatrical styles I’ve been obsessed with for the past 10 years: romantic yearning, queerness, camp madcap, the unexpressed and different ways we conceal parts of ourselves,” IRL writer, Lewis Treson says. 

“We all live fragile stories: stories that we tell ourselves, stories that we tell others and stories that culture tells itself.” 

Lewis and IRL explore a theme that many queer and gender-diverse people are all too familiar with.

A journey of trying on different costumes as we come to terms with our identity, and when it’s safe to reveal what truly lies under our mask. Fascinated with how costumes reveal and conceal so much about a person, Lewis employs cosplay to push this idea to its most absurd extreme.

“Sometimes these stories help us find happiness and meaning and sometimes they don’t,” he says.

A theme that IRL doesn’t shy away from, exploring how we often sabotage ourselves in our search for connection, sometimes with ridiculously comical results.

Log-in, confirm you’re not a robot, and grab your tickets to IRL as you prepare to fall head over heels with this all too relatable story of young queer love. 

IRL is running 6 – 25 November at La Boite’s Roundhouse Theatre. For more information and to purchase tickets, visit

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