Kylie and Fernando’s EP: “It Was A Beautiful Thing”

Kylie has finally spoken about the surprise online release of her second short EP with Fernando Garibay last month.

“It was a beautiful thing, because we did it in our own time,” Kylie told Billboard of the Kylie + Garibay EP.

“Whenever I was in L.A., I would drop by [Fernando’s] home studio — which is a lovely place to be anyway — and really there was no pressure. It was just about expression and mashing things up.”

The EP also featured  rapper Shaggy, disco legend Giorgio Moroder and Australian musician Sam Sparro.

Fernando Garibay also recently revealed the duo’s first EP, 2014’s Sleepwalker, were songs that were excised from Kylie’s lackluster last album Kiss Me Once.

“I’ve always been a fan, I always wanted to work with her. I started in the late ’90s, super underage, and began with remixes and making house music. If you were working in that area, you wanted to write for Britney Spears, Kylie Minogue, Whitney Houston, divas of that magnitude,” Fernando said in a separate interview with music website Idolator.

In other Kylie news, the magical Miss Minogue will also be releasing a Christmas album, unimaginatively titled Kylie Christmas, on November 13.

Among festive classics such as “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas” and “Santa Baby” and more, Kylie also brings on board legendary rocker Iggy Pop on “Christmas Wrapping”, a song by 1980s new-wave band The Waitresses.

Kylie is also teaming with the late Frank Sinatra on a version of “Santa Claus Is Coming to Town,” British comedian and talk-show host James Corden on Yazoo’s 1982 hit “Only You,” and her little sis Dannii on new song “100 Degrees.”

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