Kyle Sandilands responds to Monkeypox gay comments

Kyle Sandilands big gay disease monekypox

Radio announcer Kyle Sandilands has responded to the backlash following his comments about Monkeypox and the gay community. 

The controversial shock jock drew the ire of many last weeks after he referred to Monkeypox as a ‘big gay disease floating around.’

Now the host has hit back saying his comments were misrepresented.

“I didn’t even say anything bad about the gays”

Last week The Australian Federation of AIDS Organisations (AFAO) labelled Sandilands’s comments about Monkeypox as ‘deeply unhelpful’.

“It’s only the gays getting it,” he said to his gay producer.

“Are you worried about getting it?”

However, after backlash over the comments, Sandilands has hit back.

The radio host claimed that a journalist at The Sydney Morning Herald edited his comments to mispresent what he said.

They “tried to rubbish me and edited what I said to make out that I was a gay hater,” he claimed.

He went on to point out that the journalist, Andrew Hornery, was the person accused of attempting to out Rebel Wilson.

“All the gays hate him”

Kyle Sandilands instead levelled his attention at Hornery for his coverage of the Monkeypox comments.

“Andrew Hornery trying to pass the hot tomato… because all the gays hate him.”

“Remember, because of the Rebel Wilson outing and he’s trying to throw the blame on to me because I dared let all the gays know ‘watch out for the monkeypox,” he said on air on Monday.

Instead, Sandilands claims his comments were intended as a warning to the gay community.

“I didn’t even say anything bad about the gays. The gays are getting monkeypox. It was a warning. No one else is giving the gays the warning.”

Brooklyn Ross, producer of Kyle Sandilands who is also gay chimed in to support him.

“Not enough media was reporting on monkeypox being the gay virus,” Ross claimed.

“They’re all so woke they didn’t want to offend anyone but hey, heads up gays, watch out for this huge disease,” Sandilands added.

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  1. len
    31 August 2022

    IT is not a fucking gay virus , it is a virus spread between prolonged body contact ,

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