Kyle Sandilands launches vile rant about trans athletes

Kyle Sandilands

Kyle Sandilands has again gone on the verbal attack on his radio show, this time taking aim at trans athletes. 

The “shock jock” is known for making headlines with his offsensive rants.

He has again lashed out, live on air.

Kyle Sandilands lashes out

Earlier this week Kyle Sandilands went on the attack in a discussion with his producer and co-host.

In a long winded spiel he criticised trans athletes, using a string of offensive terms on air.

It began with the host saying that he believed trans athletes should not be allowed to compete in women’s sports.

He went on to call it “offensive.”

“I feel – and this is only my personal opinion and I’m happy to have my mind changed. If you’re born a female, you’re allowed to swim against other females” he said.

Not content with stopping there he went further.

“If you’re a 6 foot man with (audio beeped) in women’s bathers, that’s not going to cut it.”

Somehow after that, the segment still continued to air, not before a producer stepped in.

“Really offensive to trans women.”

Stepping in to try and reign in the host a producer told him that his comments were “really offensive to trans women.”

Sadly Kyle Sandilands was having none of it.

“It’s offensive to women who want to compete against other women, that a bloke is allowed to beat them” he retorted.

But his producer wasn’t backing down “By saying bloke, you’re just dismissing what a trans women is.”

“Well you’re dismissing what an actual woman is” Sandilands continued to argue.

Finally co-host Jackie-O chimed in, only to be hit by more vile remarks from Kyle.

In a more rational argument she claimed that the debate was best left for athletes and sports organisations to settle. Instead arguing that people should hold their personal opinions on the issue to themselves.

Not content with listening to any form of reasoning Kyle hit back again.

“‘So we should just say, screw those chicks who are trying to win the medal.”

“I get both sides here” replied Jackie O.

“Why – because you’re a chick with a d**k?” he hit back.

The comments come after the trans community have come under attack during the recent federal election.

The prime minister and candidates such as Katherine Deves have made many comments have drawn controversy in recent weeks.

Listen to an extract of the interview below.


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  1. Yolande Stiffel
    18 May 2022

    I am usually the one preaching about loving and accepting all human beings for who they are, without judgement as Christ did. But there are some people, like this vile creature, that even I can’t tolerate.
    Somehow I doubt that even Christ could stomach sharing a meal with him!!!!

    • Ad
      18 May 2022

      Why bring a mythical creature like JC into this. This has nothing to do with god or Christ. Leave the god bothering at the door….like Christ did.

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