Kyle Sandilands: big gay disease floating around

Kyle Sandilands big gay disease monekypox

The Australian Federation of AIDS Organisations (AFAO) has called shock jock Kyle Sandilands’ description of Monkeypox as a ‘big gay disease floating around’ as ‘deeply unhelpful’.

The radio host made a series of on-air jokes about the virus last Tuesday morning. After Sandilands asked his co-host to receive a whooping cough vaccination before meeting his baby son, producer Brooklyn Ross asked if he would also need a vaccination.

“What about me? Do I need a Monkeypox vaccination?”

“No. We’re not letting any gays near him,” said Sandilands.

They then placed a call to the producer’s male partner to see if catching the virus concerned him.

“The Monkeypox,” Sandilands asked, “The big gay disease floating around. It’s only the gays getting it. Are you worried about getting it?”

“No. Not at all.”

“Have you seen the big dirty scabs that everyone gets?” asked Sandilands.

The Sydney shock jock then consulted a ‘medical expert’ about the risk of fatality from Monkeypox.

“There is a small fatality rate, yes… Only a small rate. But there is.”

“Are you just dismissing it because they’re gay?” asked Sandilands.

AFAO response

A spokesperson for AFAO described the comments to the Sydney Morning Herald as ‘deeply unhelpful’.

“Comments such as this are not just hurtful, they are also deeply unhelpful.

“Right now, thousands of gay and bisexual men are doing the right thing by monitoring for Monkeypox symptoms, to look after their health and that of their partners. Over the next few months, we will be asking these men to come forward to be vaccinated.

“When people hear segments such as this, it inflames stigma and deters people from visiting healthcare clinics to be tested and vaccinated.

“We would be very happy to provide a private briefing for Mr Sandilands so that he can play a constructive role in the national Monkeypox response.”

Monkeypox currently

According to the Australian Department of Health, there are currently 106 confirmed or probable cases of Monkeypox in Australia.

This includes 52 in Victoria, 43 in New South Wales, 4 in Western Australia, 3 in Queensland, 2 in the Australian Capital Territory, and 2 in South Australia.

Of 41,000 cases reported worldwide, 12 resulted in death.

On Thursday, WHO reported a 21% decline in cases with the outbreak slowing in Europe. However, numbers rose in other countries including the US.

Get the facts about Monkeypox at Queensland Health.

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  1. Anton Cavalli
    29 August 2022

    Mr Sandilands comments are far more then ‘hurtful and unhelpful.’
    They are destructive and malicious and I really don’t understand why this clown still has a public voice. He really has proven to be a very stupid person!

  2. Karl
    29 August 2022

    Of the 106 Monkeypox cases in Australia is it known how many are gay/ bi ?

  3. Dean Elyjah
    30 August 2022

    I think Sandiland’s comments are a new low, even for him.

    His level of stupidity & ignorance by making such inflammatory statements is malicious & irresponsible.

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