Kurt Coleman ‘I don’t have pronouns’

Kurt Coleman
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Social Media star Kurt Coleman has taken aim at the trans and non-binary community in a series of online rants. 

After a spate of recent conservative posts, sharing controversial speakers, Kurt has continued his own posts.

His latest opinions have taken aim at the language used around gender identity.

Kurt Coleman on the term cisgender ‘I don’t get that’

Let’s face it, Kurt Coleman isn’t known for being a rocket scientist.

The social media star is known for just that, being on social media.

And in fairness, despite being a member of the LGBTQIA+ community, he’s never asked to be involved in it.

However, Kurt Coleman is failing to realise the influence and the reach of his words.

This week he was pushing boundaries in a series of posts making harmful statements about the trans and non-binary community.

It started as initial statements that he didn’t know what the word cisgender meant.

After posting to his story, fans responded to educate Kurt, he came back sometime later less than impressed.

“It just means that basically, you’re the sex you’re born as, but I don’t get that. Wouldn’t you just call yourself a male or female then?” he asked.

However despite saying it was fine for people to do what they like he also commented.

Its “just stupid, like, hey I’m a cisgender.”

He claimed the term had never been used before five years ago, also saying he has friends who’ve transitioned and never used the term.

When asked about his pronouns he responded “I don’t have pronouns, I’m just me,” later sparking a meme he reposted.

Kurt Coleman
Image: Instagram

Chestfeeding “that’s so stupid”

Despite his insistence that he was all for people being themselves, Kurt Coleman continued with his controversial statements.

Under the guise of “I’m just saying what I think,” he continued to question language used for trans and non-binary people.

After another fan commented to contribute their opinion on the term chestfeeding, he again spoke up.

“That doesn’t make sense to me either,” he said.

“And that’s so stupid to say chestfeeding.”

“Chests can’t produce milk only BREASTS can,” he stated.

He then went on to post a harmful claim from a follower that stated:

“The term cis was coined by a german sociologist/sexologist in the ’90s who believed the paedophilia was a sexual orientation.”

“I wouldn’t be surprised if this were true” he laughed seemingly completely unaware of the subtext of that statement.

“Even though I am gay, I don’t want to be in that community”

Spurred on by the interactions Kurt Coleman went on to explain his disdain for the LGBTQIA+ community.

“It’s amazing that people have their communities, but I just don’t relate to it” he posted.

“Even though I am gay I don’t want to be in that community because I just don’t relate” he explained.

“I just think of myself as ME, I just don’t relate to it at all.”

After reading an article about himself he went on in another Instagram post to reject associating with the community.

“I don’t need to strip down to my underwear and march in the street to prove anything,” he posted on Instagram.

“I’ve been asked to promote things on LGBT brands and even asked to go to Margi Gras with MTV and I SAID NO. Because I don’t like it.”

While it’s clear that Kurt Coleman has no desire to be part of our community, he’s failing to see the potential harm he can cause.

With over 100,000 followers behind him, the young social media star has the power to influence many people with his opinions.

However, clearly, his followers were not all pleased with these either.

He posted shortly after that thousands of people had unfollowed him on social after his rants.

Whether he will learn and educate himself following this remains to be seen.


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