‘Killing Eve’ fans are furious about the show’s jaw-dropping finale

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Queer fans of hit TV series Killing Eve are raging about the show’s “heartless”, “cruel” and “unsatisfying” series finale.

The Emmy-winning spy thriller series, streaming in Australia on ABC iview, has wrapped up after four seasons.

Spoiler alert!

Actresses Sandra Oh and Jodie Comer played federal agent Eve Polastri and deadly assassin-for-hire Villanelle (pictured).

And over four seasons, the two women’s cat and mouse, will-they-or-won’t-they relationship made the show a major smash among queer fans.

In the series finale, the two women finally share a kiss before joining forces to take down the shadowy cabal “The Twelve” together.

But after their embrace, in the closing minutes of the episode, Villanelle is shot by a sniper.

She and Eve dive into the water to get away from the gunfire. Villanelle’s lifeless body then floats away as Eve screams in horror.

Villanelle is seemingly dead, text on the screen flashes “The End” and the credits on the finale roll.

But many heartbroken fans were furious, with some blasting the shock twist as a “betrayal” of the two characters.

Some viewers are pretending the final two minutes just didn’t happen. Others raged that another TV show has killed off a queer character just as they get a happy ending.

Killing Eve head writer defends shock ending

However head Killing Eve writer Laura Neal told Salon the team discussed many possible endings for the pair.

“I think the reason we went with this one is because it just felt like the most truthful end to both of these characters’ stories. Especially with Villanelle,” she said.

“This is a character who has doled out so much violence herself in her life, and so much pain and destruction.

“She is steeped in killing. It felt appropriate that her end would be bloody in some way.

Neal added, “We liked the idea of her finally achieving something that she wanted to achieve, which is an act of goodness.

“She pushes Eve off of the boat and she saves Eve in that moment.

“She does this selfless thing that I think she talks about wanting to do in Episodes 1 and 2. [But] she can never quite find the right way to do it.

“So, even though her ending in some ways is tragic, I also think in some ways it’s triumphant. Because she proves to herself and to Eve –  and to the audience almost –  that she can change.”

Read some of the reactions to the Killing Eve finale below:

Some are adamant the final two minutes just didn’t even happen

Others are upset the TV series didn’t follow the book

Killing Eve’s final season is streaming in Australia on ABC iview. Earlier seasons are also available to watch on Stan.

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