Katie Hopkins’ appearance on the Today Show outrages Twitter

katie hopkins appears on the today show calling meghan markle tramp
photo: Channel 9

Katie Hopkins was a guest on the Today Show this morning spouting more nonsense that has once again enraged Twitter. 

Hopkins was interviewed by Karl Stefanovic and Allison Langdon about former senior royals, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.


Because who knows more about the royal family than Katie Hopkins, am I right? *eye-roll*

She was her usual rude-self, insulting the host of the show in what couldn’t even be disguised as friendly banter.

But then again, maybe it could because Stefanovic has interviewed Katie in the past and the pair know each other.

Either way, it was uncomfortable to watch. It got even worse when she insulted Meghan Markle.

A royal ‘tramp’

Hopkins took aim at Markle and fired an insult you could say might have been uncalled for.

“Meghan Markle has been very snarky about the fact the queen doesn’t own the word ‘Royal’,” Hopkins said.

“Well, yes, she does. Seventy years of service dictates that the queen earns the word ‘royal’.

“And if you want to ask me who owns the word ‘tramp’, well that would be Meghan Markle.”

Stefanovic laughed in shock at the comment while Langdon was lost for words.

“Oh wow! Wow!” Stefanovic said between chortles.

Twitter outrage

But people on Twitter weren’t as impressed with Hopkins’ comment.

Following Hopkins’ appearance, many slammed the Today Show, criticising them for giving the controversial figure a platform.


Katie Hopkins is a 1930s rush hour pub spillage looking for a drip tray, and today that drip trip tray is the Today Show,” one user said.

I see there’s a ‘report’ from Katie Hopkins about Meghan and Harry on Channel 9’s morning breakfast show today,” another said.

“The UK’s favourite far right-wing racist, bigoted, anti-Muslim hate speaker.

“They’ll be platforming Tommy Robinson next.”

Others have also been left wondering why Hopkins was even asked for her opinion on the royal family in the first place.

Shame on the Today Show,” one Twitter user said.

“Katie Hopkins is a professional troll, she has *nothing* to add to any meaningful conversation about… well, anything.”

Katie Hopkins called Meghan a tramp on national television and received no push back from the hosts. It is taking everything in me not to drag this white walker,” another added.

Hopkins is used to making headlines

Hopkins has had a ripper of a start to 2020.

It’s only March but so far she has been banned on Twitter, dragged for her backwards stance on women’s rights and now she’s calling Meghan Markle a tramp?

Probably the best one of all though was when she was trolled by Youtuber Josh Pieters.

In case you missed it, Josh flew Hopkins to Prague to present her with an award he entirely made up. It was truly a work of art.

He posed as Leslie Peters, the CEO of a fake organisation he called the Capetown Collective for the Freedom of Speech.

Then he invited her to Prague where she would be the recipient of a lifetime achievement award called the: Campaign to Unify the Nation Trophy.

Just look at her smiling, C.U.N.T award in hand.

I guess the Today Show didn’t quite get the memo though. Or maybe it just didn’t care.

Either way, Hopkins has been given yet another opportunity to spew her right-wing views.

So, now we’re left wondering if it will ever come to an end.

One can only hope.

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