‘Justice for Sheila’: Anger and grief after Kenyan lesbian’s murder

kenya lesbian kenyan non-binary sheila lumumba murder
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Activists are demanding justice after the violent assault and murder of non-binary lesbian Sheila Lumumba in Kenya.

The 25-year-old (pictured above) was found dead in their home days after a group of male attackers reportedly raped, bashed and murdered them, local outlet K24 TV reported.

Sheila died in Karatina, about three hours north of Kenya’s capital. Their work colleagues noticed Sheila missing from her job.

“No one deserves such cruel treatment. Sheila didn’t have to experience all this pain,” Amnesty Kenya tweeted.

“We are standing in solidarity with the family of Sheila Adhiambo during this trying moment.

“We shall follow up on this case until justice is delivered.”

Many on Twitter used the hashtag #JusticeForSheila to share their anger and grief over Sheila’s death.

Gay sex is illegal in Kenya, and members of the country’s LGBTQ community face rampant discrimination and stigma.

Sheila Lumumba’s murder ‘not an isolated incident’ in Kenya

Human rights activist Njeri wa Migwi also described Sheila as a “beautiful, beautiful human”.

“I just spoke to Sheila’s Lumumba best friend today, and we cried together,” she said.

“Your life mattered Sheila.”

Another tweeted, “Sheila and I are both 25 and lesbians. I can’t rest because I am one statistic away from being this.

“I can’t rest because I know my silence will mean Sheila’s death goes unpunished.”

Another person said, “Queer people deserve to thrive without fear of persecution. Sheila’s death reflects the reality LGBT persons live in.”

Kenya’s National Gay and Lesbian Human Rights Commission (NGLHRC) also warned the violent murder of Sheila Lumumba is not a one-off.

“It bears mentioning that unfortunately these are not isolated incidents,” the organisation tweeted.

The organisation said the violence is “part of a pattern of attacks and violence against LGBTIQ+ people” in Kenya.

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