Judi Jabour – Labor for Central Ward

Judi Jabour Labor Central Ward New Farm
Image: Paul Sargaison, Brisbane Headshots

Growing up in a small country town, Judi Jabour – Labor for Central Ward, learned the importance of community. In the city, she found that sense of community again when she moved to New Farm in inner-city Brisbane. She has lived there for the fifteen years since with fiancé Linda. 

Judi understands the importance of local organisations in developing and bringing communities together. She is a member of several community groups including Rotary New Farm, Teneriffe Progress Association, Brisbane Pride and New Farm and Districts Historical Society.

She describes local organisations as “the heart and soul of our community.

“To properly represent the residents and families living in Central Ward, it is essential to actively engage with local community organisations.”

Judi said the unique character of the Central Ward drew people to live there.

“Residents don’t just live here. They are passionate about our area, a passion I share.

“We need to protect the unique character of the area so that all residents of Central Ward retain their passion for their home and community.

“I have had the privilege to work for the State Member for McConnel Grace Grace MP for five years,  and I relish the opportunity to support many locals and associations. They include QShelter, BRIC Housing, The Old Museum, New Farm Cinemas, and a host of retail and small businesses.”

Judi also used her degree in communications and media skills to become a strong voice for the locals on issues that affect them. Issues such as dog baiting; the chopping down of beautiful old trees in Teneriffe; LGBTIQ issues, and organising community information events.

As a long-term local, Judi is determined to give Central Ward back a strong voice on council.

Judi Jabour Labor Central Ward New Farm
Judi and Linda. Image: Paul Sargaison, Brisbane Headshots

The LNP Council

“Central Ward residents deserve a voice that represents them. The current entitled LNP incumbents are too busy looking after themselves and their developer mates to pay attention to their wards. The rorts of this current administration must end.

“They let our footpaths go to ruin. They take seats out of bus stops, leaving our elderly to stand and wait while they wonder if the bus will be on time. And they ignore Neighbourhood Plans to favour their developer mates.

“All while this unelected Lord Mayor pockets $100,000 per year in ‘expense allowance’, without even showing us a receipt.

“Look at the destruction of the once beautiful King George Square, a Labour-led Pat Condren team will turn King George Square back into green space for all to enjoy. And we will make sure that Victoria Park isn’t sold off to developers.

“Sadly, this council has lost its connection with the community. Linda and I pay to go to the cinema and what do we see? A blatant self-promotion for the local councillor with a Brisbane City Council logo on it paid for by we ratepayers.

“Even the dog park! I go to the dog park and there’s another ratepayer-funded promotion. They are shameless.”

Judi Jabour Labor Central Ward New Farm
Judi Jabour and Labor Lord Mayoral candidate Pat Condren. Image: Kate Luke

The LGBTIQ communities

“Our residents need a council that works for everyone — a council that celebrates diversity and inclusion. A council that’s not only there when it’s easy — when everything is ‘smiley smiley‘ — but also stands up when the going gets tough.

“We saw the attitude of the current council during the recent drag storytime petition debate. Our council currently has two petitions on its website that even their own legal advice says is offensive. These petitions blatantly contravene the council’s own policies. But when Labor’s Councillor Kara Cook moved to remove the offending petitions, what did every one of our LNP councillors do? Like silent sheep, they sat wordlessly while the unelected Mayor suggested removing petitions that contravene their own policies would make us like North Korea. Then, again in silence, they voted against the LGBTIQ communities, against diversity and inclusion and for bigotry.

“I’m proud to say every Labor councillor voted for the LGBTIQ communities and community harmony.”

Judi Jabour’s vision for Central Ward

“I want a more liveable Central Ward. I want to see our footpaths maintained and our Neighbourhood Plans respected. Our local residents and community organisations put too much work into those plans to see council simply discard them to favour developer mates.

“We need dedicated bike paths from the suburbs into the CBD. I’ve been talking to the locals about our plan for a segregated cycle grid into the city. Labor also plans to drop the unfair footpath tax so local cafes and small businesses can thrive.

“Importantly, we need to fund infrastructure in our communities to allow them to provide employment locally. Labor recently opened the first new high school in inner-city Brisbane in 50 years.

“Finally, we need a council that stops pandering to developer mates and puts the community first. Pat Condren and I want to put the community back into Brisbane City Council. Let’s put residents before rorts.”

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