Jonathan Bailey on internalised homophobia and new partner

Jonathan Bailey.
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Jonathan Bailey has opened up about growing up with internalised homophobia and his boyfriend in a new interview.

In an interview with The Standard, the Fellow Travelers and Bridgerton star talked about the importance of having gay actors play gay roles.

“I still 100 per cent stand by the fact that I think all actors should be able to do everything,” he says.

“But to have gay actors chronicling the oppression and the trauma of it, I think it only adds to the experience. It’s exciting that people welcome it.”

The 35-year-old talks about growing up with internalised shame for being gay. Bailey grew up the youngest of four in rural Oxfordshire. While he says he had support from his family, the LGBTQ+ representation in mainstream media at the time was not always positive.

“The majority of gay people were either the butt of jokes, or being caught in sexual acts and considered deviants, or they were committing suicide, or they were dying of AIDS.

Every five years is a different gay generation. It was nowhere near as tough as if I’d have been born 15 years earlier. Me and my friends, two in four, if not three in four, would not be here.”

Bailey’s Charity Work

Bailey has been working with the charity Just Like Us, which brings queer speakers into schools.

“You’re twice as likely to be bullied if you’re gay, or queer,” he says.

“Ane yet if there’s positive LGBTQ+ messaging within the school system, 100 percent of people’s mental health and happiness increases. It’s a no brainer.”

He plans to establish a foundation next year, to consolidate his charitable work.

Bailey also opened up about his partner but did not reveal much about the relationship.

All we know is that he is “a lovely man,” according to Bailey.

“It’s not a secret, but it’s private,” he says.


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